Trust Yourself. Trust Your Soap.

Trust Yourself. Trust Your Soap.

Weeks ago I made soap acorns, getting in the Autumn spirit and all. I was inspired just to see if I could make soap acorns. I made them without a peep of an idea of what I would do with them. I just wanted to see if I could make them.

Acorn and Leaf Soap
Acorn and Leaf Cold Process Soaps

Once I made the acorns, I tried to incorporate them with other designs, but they weren’t a good fit. I was distressed for a second and then moved on to other things I was inspired to make toadstools, snails, baby gnomes.

For some reason, weeks later, I was ruminating on those acorns and remembered I’d made maple leaves and painted them for UnDead Soap. I liked that soap, the leaves stood out for me.

So, today I searched acorn and leaf images. It wasn’t a blinding flash of inspiration, just a gentle nudging toward answering the question, “I wonder if I can make oak leaves too”.

I gathered my variety of golden colored soaps, which I have a few, flattened it with a rolling pin and began drawing them out free-hand with a small sculpting knife.

This is what I came up with (see image).

As I made these leaves the rest of the soap took shape in my imagination. I can’t wait for these to dry so I can paint them, and then begin making the soap that will go along with the acorns and leaves. I can now see the soap in my mind.

So often my designs are created like this, where I have a piece of the seemingly incongruent soap and grab it, make that part and then later the design unfolds and manifests in my imagination. This process, I’m learning to trust. You should see my soap lab, bits and pieces of this and that, nothing making sense to the logical mind.

I’m learning about my own creative process. I’m learning to trust myself, and trust my expression. I hope the same for you… I hope you trust those little nudges and small attractions to all things that help you express yourself and delve deep into your own creativity.

Trust yourself, trust your soap and most of all trust your imagination.

Bhakti “Bee”

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