Ungirly Soap

Ungirly Soap

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This past Christmas, I sent a sample bar of a new bar of soap with a friend, Martha, to Texas for her dad.  Of course I also loaded her up with other soaps, but this one I was most curious about.

I was having an uneventful Christmas – working, hanging around with my honey, hiking and going to visit his family for the holidays. My closest friends are scattered to the winds. Things were quiet in the wild west and less than wild. It felt nice to be quiet this year.

Then, on Christmas, of course my phone was on mute, I checked my phone at the end of the day. I was surprised to see this video. It did make me laugh. Martha’s family is fantastic. When I say fantastic, what I mean is they are good natured, honest and funnier than most. And as much as they support, love and care for Martha, they extend that same encouragement to her friends. I truly love Martha’s family!

Leather Scented Soap

I happen to love the scent of leather. I wasn’t sure if others would. It seems like a scent anyone would like, but men might light it especially since it is about as un-girly as you can get. Well, its ungirly if your that type of girl. I mean “ungirly” in that is does not smell like flowers.  I’m a horse girl, uhm, woman, so I love the smell of leather – leather boots, leather jackets and especially leather tack. It all reminds me of horses and since I don’t have a good horse scent (not sure I want to smell like a horse) I’m sticking with leather for now.

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