Why Buy Authentically Handmade?

Why Buy Handmade?

As I stood at my workbench this morning making little toadstools I pondered why I buy handmade products…Mad Oils

I like being seen as a person, not being tossed into the sea of humanity and counted as a number, as insignificant. I like it when people recognize me, as me. Not because I think I’m such a special snowflake, but just A snowflake.

There is one company I buy from, follow and support, expressly because of their personal touches. Mad Oils. I am a huge fan of Mad Oils. A hand written note, or a fragrance oil sample or just a little bag of candy (as if I need that temptation) all add to my desire to buy from Mad Oils again and again. I was genuinely surprised the first time I purchased from them and it made me take a harder look at their company.

I don’t buy from Mad Oils because they are the least expensive, the fastest shipping (although that helps tremendously if its both – handmade/hand-touched and fast shipping) or because they remembered my name (which practically no one can pronounce, let-alone remember). I buy from Mad Oils because they acknowledged that my purchase mattered to them and reflected that by the thoughtful packaging.  Which, just simply feels nice.

The other day, while following up on what I’m calling a “bid” for a soap job, I sent a custom box with my soap samples. I only made one box that size, not going to market them, but just offer them as gifts, I asked myself “why am I going to so much trouble for a job I might not even get?”

This is my thinking, “each encounter I have with another gives me an opportunity to create, with them, a special moment”. They invited me into their world, and as a good guest, I bring a gift. I get to fill their shipment with anything I like, just like Mad Oils does. I have no boss, or someone looking over my shoulder to say “that’s not how we systematically do things” or “that’s not professional.”  I can be as creative with sending a package as my soaps.

Also, by someone purchasing from my little Soapery they have invited some of my creativity into their world, so I can take advantage of that moment and be as magical and sparkly as I want.Mad Oils

So far, not one person has complained about getting too many samples, soap cookies or complimentary soaps, so I will keep listening to my own creative drummer and march that beat right through to your mailbox.

Thanks Mad Oils for setting the example.

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