Interview with ADO Soaps by Tyreese Joseph

Interview with ADO Soaps by Tyreese Joseph

After seeing such stunning soap photos in soaping groups I had to investigate who was making these striking and polished images. Once I discovered who this person was, I wanted to shine light on this skilled soaper - Tyreese “Ty” Joseph from ADO Soaps.

Tyreese wears many hats like most soapers. When Tyreese isn't watching or reading British mysteries she is making soap that comes from her interest in natural wellness and plant based ingredients.


When did you know soap making was for you?  ADO Soaps by Tyreese Joseph

Well, the idea had been in my head for over a year at the suggestion of a friend, who proceeding to gift me with a bottle of lye, three Christmas’ ago. The lye sat on the upper shelf in my laundry room for over a year until, as I came down the stairs one morning I glanced in that direction and the bottle was placed in just such a way that it caught my eye. I made a point that day to hit the grocery store because that was the day I was going to make soap.

My passion for soap began with that first batch. I mean, seeing all the raw ingredients come together into a totally new thing, how awesome is that? If my passion began with that first batch, then it was indelibly sealed on my heart and in my mind, when I actually used the soap that I had created for the first time. I literally squealed in the shower!

How did you create your signature style soaps? ADO Soaps by Tyreese Joseph

My style is created from a desire to infuse my contentment and joy into every soap I make. I want it to be personal, pleasing and make the person using it feel a bit more special. It really is about creativity, functionality, luxury, affordability and doing the skin a huge favor. Although I occasionally try out different pours and swirls, over time I have come to prefer the simple spoon swirl for its unpredictable, but predictable, favorable blending of color. I also love textured tops as an easy way to attract attention. I never really considered myself to have much of a “bling” personality, but I really do love a bit of glitter or gold dusting to add a bit of glam. Not too long, I graduated to using a custom soap stamp, as well, and that completes it for me.

What makes you happy to get out of bed regarding soap making?

My life gets hectic and overloaded from time to time so, knowing that I will be carving out a bit of time to make some soap can literally motivate me to get up and get stuff done so I can get to my soap time. No matter what happens in a day, I can go and to my safe place and focus on the positive energy that comes from creating. ADO Soaps by Tyreese Joseph

What were your hopes for creating your soap business? 

When I decided to begin building a business, my hope was that I could be part of what I see as a resurgence of community reliance and self-sufficiency. I wanted to become a part of my local business community and meet a need. I wanted to have a craft so that I could barter with others in my community for fresh goods. I also wanted to create a product that people could feel good about using, not only because I spend lots of time developing products that provide a spa experience at home with great ingredients, but also because I’m not an anonymous corporate entity but a small business with a face and a story. Have I achieved all my dreams? Not yet, but my products are available in several locally owned businesses, I’ve been asked to teach an enrichment soaping class at local community college, and I do regularly barter my products for items my family needs including fresh milk, eggs, meats. I have such a long way to go, but it’s a journey I began in faith and eagerly look forward to continuing.

What are your favorite parts of soap making? 

It’s the entire process (except clean up, lol), from being inspired by a new scent, color, or natural vista like Blue Ridge Mountains of NC, to setting up my workspace, to pouring and cutting. I especially love getting custom requests and the excitement and nervousness that comes when I deliver the product and then the satisfaction of receiving the feedback that my product made a difference!

Do you have concerns and or hopes for the soap industry?

There is a rising interest in our craft and my hope is that we all embrace it and benefit from it by continually and consistently elevating our craft through education, safety and creativity, and that we remain courteous of fellow crafters, especially when correcting misinformation. I also hope that we can encourage new soapers to spend as much time as they need, working and discovering at their own pace. I really feel that soaping is a journey, rather than a race.

What do you want people to know about your work? 

Simply that I LOVE it and I that I feel thankful and blessed daily that I have been led to the soap making craft. There are a lot of things that I do well, but aside from loving God and being a mom and wife, I have never felt more passion or purpose.

What makes you laugh about making soap? 

Well sometimes, I get too comfy, too blasé about the process, usually after months of soaps going exactly as I plan them, then the same things I’ve been doing over and over again are suddenly going wild. Swirls turn into plops, partial gels develop, etc. - you get the picture. I then I find myself madly throwing stuff together to get finished. When I’m done, I giggle a little and then just burst out laughing for all the wild fun that I’ve just had. Sometimes, soap does its own thing and takes you along for the ride!

What do you want readers to know about you or your soap making business?

I like (secretly) corny jokes! What animal do you look like when you take a shower or bath?

A little bear.


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