Book That Almost Wasn't

Book That Almost Wasn't

This post is for those who have read my book, An Enchanted Book of Peculiar Ideas.

I rewrote this book from its first edition. I have had the same editor for all my books, AND after speaking with her, I asked her opinion about getting another editor, as she and I are dear friends. I wanted another set of eyes on it, and it had many, many eyes on it, but I wanted a "professional".

I procured - shopped for and researched, sent many many queries out - a "professional" editor. I chose someone who was supposedly creative and had great reviews for being willing to work with her clients. After submitting my manuscript, I heard nothing. So, I sent email prompts as she didn't give me a time frame or any feedback if my book had been received. It felt like I sent it to a publisher or an agent aka black hole.

I finally received my manuscript back. It was so censored, so edited, it no longer sounded like me. It felt as if she rewrote my book in her voice. I was heart-sick, and slightly angry, because I paid hard cash (not debt) for this service. I worked with people like that in the past, they take over the work. A great editor support, guides and corrects for clarity all the while knowing their own voice and support the writer's voice. They see the difference. I learned a great deal more from my best editors even more than just about writing. I wrote a book with one. She and I had to construct a unified voice, not her's, not mine, but one that was the book's voice, the story's voice. This co-writing was great practice.

So, I could not NOT pay, even if I didn't like the quality of her work.

I went back to my friend/editor and asked her thoughts. She knew I only sought another editor (having worked with many, many editors in the past) only because I wanted another set of eyes.

She and I both agreed that soap makers were a small group and this wasn't literary work, so do the best we could and get it out there: be clear while writing, allow the ethers to speak through me, and trust the work.

I wanted to ensure my friend/editor wasn't being biased toward me, consciously or unconsciously. I wanted an evaluation from someone who didn't know me. This is how we came to be our writer/editor relationship she and I have now. Our friendship is even better, as if I thought it could be better, yet I can say it's deeper. She knows me differently, and I know her differently. She and I have been friends for almost 20 years. We are of a similar mind, we would rather have truth about outside and inside, the stimulation/matrix and self, then to live in the illusion, the maya.

I cannot imagine my life without her. She has offered such a deep level of support, a sincerity that has encouraged me and inspired me to continue with writing and soap making. She is not a soap maker, but she is a highly conscious and conscientious being. She makes editing a pleasure where I look forward to getting her corrections. That is incredibly rare. 

This next book, no editor necessary, as it is hundreds of images. All my work, my visions and my work. This one is between the printer/publisher and myself. And, my friend and I have discussed it enough to add her energy to this book as well. I'm now waiting on the second proof. Because of this plan-demic many are working at a far different time frame. I'm not familiar with this aspect of matrix aka the simulacra simulation. (If you care into look this simulacra book... A curious opening into the another place.) 

"...The simulacrum is never that which conceals the truth—it is the truth which conceals that there is none. The simulacrum is true."

So, dear Soap Witches, I fought for that book - all - books. Stood up for it and continue to pursue my vision of writing directly to you.   I wanted you to feel as if I wrote it for you.

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