Get Attention Toward Your Products

Get Attention Toward Your Products

If you are getting lost in the mire of social media I offer a few ideas I've implemented for exposure for your amazing products.
I find it difficult to speak highly of my works, but I love the excitement when others see my works. 

Friends Hocus Pocus Greeting Cards

1.) Make friends with others and offer free products to share your works. Sometimes they take photos or make a video to share their excitement. I haven't asked, but have been supported because I do these things first, I think.
Bonus: Send greeting cards periodically, handmade crocheted hats, soap dough and other gifts to show appreciation. 
2.) Make friends with others you respect their works and tag them. Sharing is caring.  


3.) Offer to write articles for industry magazines. I've done this for Soap Making Magazine a few times and a few others. 
Soap Making Magazine
4.) Offer to do something for someone else without asking for anything in return, like interview them and cycle in your posts for years. I have done this and do this with my soap makers interviews.


5.) Offer free products for a review. This is time and money intensive, but it feels more right and responsive than giving money to fb or others, as I have already figured out my market audience and made an agreement. They receive a free product and I receive feedback (sometimes) so I make my product better and therefore myself. 😉 Or, this could just make you bitter and broke. Proceed with caution.
This one is a gamble and requires not having attachment to the outcome. Can’t be mad if they don’t do what you want or expect.
A practice of “letting go” of the outcome.

ShareFragrance Oil

6.) Post other people's works you enjoy. I strive to support others enthusiastically and without guile. That means no sideways and snarky comments like “I wish mine works were as good”, which is more like a tickle and a slap, not a compliment. (I know, shocker.) I strive to NOT do this as it feels yucky on both ends.
7.) Create a group, invite people and manage that group all the time… Let it become your soul’s focus and then ask others to dedicate their lives to the same goal. Maybe don’t do this part. 


8.) Write over 300 blog posts with keywords, however, you'll probably guess at those magic SEO (search engine optimization) it'll be time well spent... Maybe.
9.) Make over 400 videos. You'll be asked if you approve advertising (if you use YT) that goes against all things right and just. You'll be asked to make serious decisions on the back office of a dark nature, but if you want to make money part of the terms is to kill your soul a little at a time. (I didn't make the rules.) I cannot guarantee the results, but at least you'll be dark and therefore not haveSoap Dough Books contrast and so it'll be fine.  
10.) Write books... Or five. Writing a book can be a way to reach people with your ideas. It is time intensive on the front end, but you'll have it for years. If you feel froggy, make those books into print. That IS a time suck, but if you're like me and love printed materials, it is worth it. (You'll need to know how to type, collate your thoughts, obtain an editor or two, learn book layout and understand how to submit to publishers... That's just your first day as a "writer"). 


11.) Work at becoming a better photographer. Study photography, learn about lighting, obtain a decent camera and test and test. Also, acquire appropriate props to support your photography, house those said props in your small mansion (or storage shed like this plebeian does), spend more money than what is smart on studio lights and photography boxes, throw those studio lights and photography product boxes out as they were inferior, figure out how to make an inexpensive photography box, manufacture the tools necessary (I will write more about how to manufacture in my next life) and then make your products.

Become a Pirate

Bonus.) Become a pirate and speak with an "arrgh matey" and walk into your neighbor's house and take their TV. Or, you could just take other peoples photos, remove their watermark (in real time, while they watch their creation get stolen), create a website copying all their works, ask for money and never send a product thereby ruining that artist’s spirit to keep creating things you can copy. Wait, don’t do that. It’s not nice.
If anything of these things seem good to you, do those things. I hope you carry on creating things, even if people are mean. Because there really are nice people, not all people are people and some of them are really nice. My self fact check? You are reading this. Thank you for being here. 😃
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