Soap Gargoyles

Soap Gargoyles

There is something intriguing about gargoyles, they are a bit scary and somehow familiar. Gargoyles are often placed on high corners of ancient buildings. These watchers aren't on just any old buildings, but on buildings meant for worship; churches and temples. It is said they are meant for protection, as guardians, watchers.

These grotesqueries are on places where one would think protection was unnecessary. Some history notes that gargoyles are placed to keep demons out of the building.

My question is, what about the rest of the area? Do demons roam around unchecked because only gargoyles are on certain buildings? Or is it they don't want demons inside? If that's the case, gargoyles are mighty powerful. I can't seem to keep a soap gremlin out of my house. Maybe I need a gargoyle.

I find it curious that while worshipping we are meant to be open, our guard is down, we prostrate, humble ourselves. Even governments know this. Churches and temples are supposed to be off limits to bombings and heinous behaviors, particularly in wartime. This is not to say all abide by these rules of engagement, however, they are considered safe havens in or out of wartime. 

Some of these ancient gargoyles are curious and so modern they give rise to more questions than answers. 

Alien Gargoyle


This gargoyle (below) on the rebuilt Paisley Abbey in Scotland could have been the inspiration for many modern movies. 

In 1307, Edward I of England had the Paisley Abbey burned down, but later in the 14th century it was rebuilt by Sir William Wallace. The movie Braveheart was based on Sir William Wallace, so he was no slouch. More to the point, this church with the alien gargoyle is hundreds of years old. What was a stonemason doing creating a gargoyle that looks like a space alien? Especially for a church? Again, more questions I cannot answer. 

Alien Gargoyle

When I make some creature in soap, I first consult my memory. My memory did not have these gargoyles in it. It does now.

Next, I'll do a bit of research to figure out a direction. What I rarely do is ask why I'm making something. I just make it. With my gargoyle soap I have wondered at the creation, the timing of it. 

Gargoyle Soap

And still, it's like a splinter in the mind. 

When one does not know if gargoyles are considered real; or the demons they are meant to protect us from are any more-or-less real, one cannot know which way the wind blows without consulting the emperor's people. I mean really, they let him walk around naked, so there's that. 

I have chosen to see past the outrage du jour. I strive for neutrality in all my endeavors. Except when it comes to gargoyles. I do and will make a gargoyle in soap. Now we'll see who's protected. ;) 



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