Fair Grounds Soap Market

Fair Grounds Soap Market

Yesterday we went to the local fair to visit Katie Mango from Bear River Soaps. 

It turned out she was right next to someone we know! How fun! Then we ran into others we knew and they came to visit. We ran into neighbors and others we met, but felt like we'd known them always.

I didn't want to commandeer her booth for our visits, but as I got caught up in talking, I looked over and Katie was having her own conversations with our friends. At that time the show wasn't busy, so I figured it at least made her booth popular.
😉 Stag Buck Soap Stencil
J and I took a few strolls around to see if there were other soap makers and view other booths. As it turned out there were 6 other soap makers. We spoke with every soap maker but one, as by then we were whooped.

As we walked up to one soap maker, J points this Stag soap out. My heart jumped. I recognize that!

We met Clarissa Martin from Bubbles and Bows! What a delight! Oh my gosh, we exchanged so many words and such a lovely energy... I vowed NOT to buy soap, but just had to. Not only that, but here she (you) is in the group! And, she lives close by! 
Bubbles and Bows Soap

Later, as we went back to hang out with Katie, Clarissa walks by the booth. I called to her and she and Katie ended up chatting. I walked away and looked over and thought, I'm so proud of these women and proud to know them... They are warm and welcoming. This is how I want my world.

I am still tickled, excited and looking forward to more interactions with Clarissa and her business partner. My gosh, what an amazing day!
Pig Pen Soap
It's so much better to make friends and in the soap making community, which seems like someone always knows someone, so that's even more friends.

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