Golf Soap

Golf Soap

I’m striving to make something for men. I did not put glitter on this one, so it MUST be for men, right?

This is made with coconut oil, lard and soybean oil, the bottom is vanilla and coffee. This soap smells like fresh grass. Love it! I will buy this fragrance oil again, only more. golfsoap2

I mixed some of the soap with brewed coffee grounds. I mixed in vanilla (since I don’t care that it changes the color and creates a scent with the coffee that is interesting… Some say it smells like Christmas. Odd.), poured that on the bottom, chilled it. Then mixed the rest of the FO in with the base and colorant and poured layers of soap with soap shavings.

This may even make your game better, but there are no guarantees.

The golf ball embeds on top are made the same way, however, scented with Snow Witch from Mad Oils. Golf balls can be witches!

Next time I’ll just mix the soap shavings all together.

I chilled the entire loaf to avoid it heating up too much in the center and getting that gel circle. That was my only goal, other than to use my new Fresh Grass FO.

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