Inspired Soap

Inspired Soap

Yesterday it rained here. I had a soap that wouldn’t cure enough to touch, although I did unmold it. Mistake. It was disappointing.

I changed directions.

I worked on my labels, read blogs and participated in soaping groups. Along my internet travels I discovered inspiration.

I read a blog about defining your style. I took this to mean to firm up my company concepts and create a more distinct impression. How can I tell my story more clearly? What is my story? Why did I choose this company name over so many other ideas?

I thought about my company name, looked at and smelled my fragrance oils, soaps and revisited my soap labels.

Here’s how it went.

I looked at the things I was attracted to, without judgement. I just witnessed what I was looking at, what I pinned, what I liked, where I traveled on the internet. I went were I was attracted and avoid those things that repelled me… Like a magnet.

I collected images and allowed it all to bubble to the surface…  And, without judgment (self and what I think others will think) I moved forward. I got purchase. My wheels gripped the road and I redefined, and redesigned my labels. I committed to a concept. In for a penny, in for a pound.

Because I did this, a list of soap names came to mind. Along with that, designs popped up in my mind. I was inspired to make another soap. After a few weeks of less-than-desirable results with designs, I carried out a design from beginning to end… Exactly as I imagined it!

For some time now I’ve been making things I’m interested in, yet the results have been less than exciting. In the last 10 batches two came out as I wanted. The odds, and my pocket book, were getting slimmer. I haven’t been able to figure this out… Until yesterday.

I was in my artist space, that’s for sure. Testing and experimenting, where I began and ended; where my knowledge began and ended; what I needed to learn and what I was becoming better at – and just like a painter who copies the masters until he/she has mastered a technique I’ve been mimicking what I see. I hadn’t found my voice with soap.

 My voice in soap is about a story.

I tell stories through writing, photography and orally. Why not with soap?

I feel more clear – more directed – more capable of representing my ideas and now I have some of the skill to carry out these ideas. (I still have a butt-load to learn, but for now… )

My dream is to help others dream, to inspire creativity, in everything I’ve done. Its a lot to ask from soap and yet not impossible.

I want to offer soap that elevates the most mundane activity, cleaning our bodies, to another place. To make the moment something to cherish and, better yet, look forward to. What if every mundane moment could be more exciting?

I love those moments of day dreaming, of possible worlds and unique characters, things that do not exist in our world, but only in imagination.

Honor. Integrity. Heroic Efforts.

I am a fan of Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings and Vikings. I love these worlds and anything that reminds me of them.  Stories of great honor, of people who live with integrity and are true heroes. It makes living my day-t0-day existence feel a little easier and each moment of choice – do I do what is easy or what is honorable –  a little less daunting. After all, its just a moment in my life. Its not a dragon.

So, I present to you my newest soap – Dragon Silk Soap!

This soap is made with coconut oil, olive oil, soybean oil, Shea butter, cocoa butter and silk. Its my newest recipe and I love it! Its lovely for the skin, high conditioning value, produces a hard lasting bar and is interesting to work with during designing. The scent is an earthy pine cone, wood and fire scent, perfect to represent what a Dragon might smell like. The top is meant to look like dragon scales. The soap is silky.

So, even if I haven’t inspired anyone else, I’ve inspired myself. I call that a highly successful day. And I’m looking forward to this soap when its fully cured and I can use it!


Dragon Silk Soap

dragon silk soap


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