Interview with Jasmina from Sapolina 2

Interview with Jasmina from Sapolina 2

This interview is my honor to conduct. I introduce an illusive, yet notable soap maker – Jasmina from Sapolina. This it the first photograph of the fairy-like energy of this soap maker. I get to know each interviewee a bit more as the process unfolds, and this opened my heart to someone who has attracted my attention for years. I chose Jasmina for this interview because of her commitment to a complete design, her choice in subtle, yet, dynamic colors and her deft execution of this magical creativity. Introducing Jasmina and her delightfully charming soaps.


How did you arrive at the name of your business? 


I had a few things in mind – I wanted it to be one word name, to be easy to remember and to associate it with a soap somehow. That’s the way I came up with Sapolina (sapone – italian, sapun – serbian are the base and just a little tweak to make a melodious, feminine name).


How long have you been making soaps? 

It all started out of necessity, back in 2013. I have very sensitive skin, every single product on the market just made my skin to be more dry and itchy, especially during winter months. I had to do something and begun to search for a solution. Handmade soaps were a logical point of interest but, since I am a very curious person, I couldn’t resist if I hadn’t investigate how it’s made. I discovered a whole new world of soap making, learning, reading and getting supplies long before my first ever soap. It was without any colorant and fragrance, but the only one my skin feels pleasant after. Of course, my family members were amazed at difference and feeling on the skin too, so I had to make more and more.

What makes you happy to get out of bed regarding soap making?

Everything. I am in love with soap making, I will cut a loaf today with the same passion and curiosity I had the first day, like a child with a long desired toy. I love design planing, melting oils and butters, working with raw soap, cutting a loaf, making packaging, soap photography, even the dishes after making aren’t a problem because I think of soap magic I just made while I am doing them. Also, when I can’t fall asleep I often plan the next soap, so it is like a therapy – it helps me to live a happier life.

Your soap color palates are distinctive, wow do you come up with your color designs? 

I don’t know exactly. Yes, I plan design and colors, I visit web pages with color schemes as an inspiration but at the end it is sort of a feeling. I love bright colors, clean lines and simplicity, maybe that is the answer.

Where do you find your inspiration for your unique soaps? Are there things in your environment that aid in your creativity?

Inspiration is everywhere, you just need to recognize it. It is personal, what inspires me doesn’t mean you will be inspired too and vice versa. It can be a moment, emotion, event, object, some action etc. I remember when someone asked me where did I find inspiration for my soap Romance, I hesitate to tell the truth, it is maybe weird to hear it but I did – Novak Djokovic’s win in Wimbledon 2015. With all those golden spheres on the top like a crown.


What is your favorite part of soap making?

There are many parts I adore. The moment when I mix the oils and lye solution as a beginning of a magic, coloring, swirling, all those fragrances I enjoy, full table of soap loaves I made, cutting, waiting them to cure, taking photos, everything.

What do you do that is not soap related, but aids in your creative thinking?

Gardening – at the first place in this time of the year. We have garden of roses, but I am interested in cacti too and plants generally. All those colorful flowers and different shapes are breathtaking. I also love baking, home organizing and of course photography.


What do you want people to know about your work?

I frequently use soap spheres on the top of my soaps. I adore sphere as a perfect form from nature (planets, stars…), simple but strong and complete. If you leave out spheres from any of my soaps it is not the same anymore.

What have you done that surprised you?

Became a soap maker. I am still surprised, that wasn’t in my wildest dreams!

What makes you laugh about making soap?

The fact soap making is never ending game. You never know exactly how will all go and what to expect at the end, despite all the plans ahead of time. That’s the charm of the game which fascinates me since the beginning.

What do you want readers to know about you or your soap making business i.e. other products, ingredients, research… Anything you’d like to mention here.

As a soap maker, I am trying to make high quality soap at the first place, but I am customer too. I also like to see things from that point of view and offer something I would expect myself. I like eye catching product, able to attract my attention in any way, to have packaging which is easy to open (I need a device to open many of everyday commercial products), I like to see the product (at least partially) through packaging and regarding soaps, to be possible to smell it. My goal is to fulfill all of this and add a personal, artistic touch to my soaps.

Many ways to fin Jasmina and her marvelous soap creations!

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