Make Soap Embeds

Make Soap Embeds

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All embeds I make now, unless indicated, are cold process soap.

How I Started Making Soap Embeds

I started making soap embeds because I explored what my interests and discovered, a bit more, how different I see and interact with the world.

I also saw my soaps, to date, were about perfecting my understanding of soap making, but they weren’t anything new.

I ask a lot of “what if… ” questions and often times say them out loud to my mate. Some days he doesn’t understand what I’m saying and instead of trying to prove what I want to make I clarify to myself. If its clear to me then I can have a clear mission.

Fear Is Imaginary. Danger is Real.

I’m not afraid to make a absolute failure soap either. I don’t like to make unusable or unattractive soaps, but its not a fear. Fear is imaginary, danger is real. There is very little that is dangerous about soap, if I’m vigilant. (If you are a new soap maker read everything you can about lye safety.)

What Happened

I touch and investigate every aspect of soap… So when I had a failed soap I wondered what I could do with it. (Guess how many I had fail.)Novel Soap

I dug at it with my fingers to understand the texture. It was soft and malleable.

First I made hand rolled balls, since I didn’t have a ball mold. They were ok, nothing special however I began to understand soap in a different way and possibilities opened up like huge castle of hidden doors.

Then I tweaked and tweaked the recipe until I made a recipe that works for molding about 12-24 hours after making it.

I shared a photo of my Chicken Soaps and received hundreds of orders for the Chicken Soap. I became a machine. I also learned a lot about soap texture, timing and how to affect the soap for a desired result. I also learned what I was capable of creating, or a least the next phase of my soaping.

I spent days just listening to podcasts and making chickens, eggs and baby chicks. I have it down now and moved on to making swans, penguins, a new version of ravens, books, candles, mermaids, dragon tails.

I also discovered I have far more freedom to create. The possibilities are endless.

Limitless Embeds

Embeds are limitless and I don’t have to look for someone else to have already had the idea of what I want to do and then have made the silicone mold. I also don’t have to commit to the cost of a mold for something I’m just trying out. I have much more freedom and control over this art form, but still have so much to learn.

Soap just taught me another lesson last night. Just when I think I understand, a new awareness bubbled to the surface. Thank you Soap.


Tips for Taking your Soaping to a new Level

  • Ask questions to yourself, real questions, “what if” questions you really don’t have an answer for.
  • Be fearless
  • Touch, smell and explore your soap in a new way
  • Do what YOU are interested in, despite what your customers say.
  • Trust yourself.
  • Remember, its all temporary. No matter what your soap looks like, if it still cleans, it works.

I love my customers and listen to them, then, I do what I want to do, trusting myself.  After all, that’s the very reason I know them, because I trusted myself to begin with.

Those who love what you do will be attracted to your work, like a magnet inside of them. Trust that too.



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