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Send the Ravens Soap

I was inspired to make this soap as a tribute to The Game of Thrones Ravens.

Its a large story, with many story lines moving at the same time. Its so well told its hard to get my mind around how any one person could hold all that information in one mind.

The Game of Thrones is not just that new worlds were created, but new lands, new family history, new languages and new cultures. An entire world. Granted, others have done the same, and it does not diminish the epic nature of The Game of Thrones.

The Story

To keep this story fresh in my mind, I made my version of the saying, “Send the Ravens”. Sending ravens, a more regal version of carrier pigeons, is how the people of the many lands communicate. When someone says, Send the Ravens, it can mean clandestine communication, the start of a war, or even assignation.

There is also a three eyed raven in this story. This type of raven represents inner sight, as does the “third eye” represents in our world.

So I wanted to capture a bit of this energy, these ideas and keep them with me daily.

How I Chose the Scent

Irish Moss

I mixed my own.

This scent is mixture of Irish Moss for the deep forests of The Forest of Qohor region and is an extremely large area of woodland and forest on the eastern continent of Essos.

Cut Grass

I added a scent called Cut Grass for the freshness of earth and the open areas prior to the forest. There are many scenes of characters riding through open lands, long paths and grassy plains.


And lastly, I added a touch of Sandalwood. This scent is slightly mysterious, musky and exotic. The idea of ancient and enigmatic cultures, the long journey to between lands and the people of far away exotic places brought the idea of Sandalwood to the mixture. The idea these people would bring with them unique spices and scents all add to this unique scented soap.


I felt it necessary to use the best created recipe I have for this soap. It is made up of lard (animal), Coconut Oil (cleansing), Soybean Oil (simple vegetable), Olive Oil (conditioning from far away lands), and two butters: Shea and Cocoa; shea butter for smooth skin and cocoa butter also for conditioning but also to make a wonderfully hard bar of soap.

I add silk to this soap as well. Silk makes this soap shiny and smooth to touch. I simply like the idea that I can bathe with silk soap. It feels, even if its only an idea, luxurious. Some people claim that silk amino is conditioning for the skin. I don’t disagree, yet I can’t prove it. I think it does more for the quality of the bar of soap itself. It leaves the bar shiny, and might leave my person a bit more shiny as well.

My Hope

My hope is that this soap, Send the Ravens, and its unique scent, brings a bit of the mysterious nature of life to you each time you use it. And that, even if you haven’t heard or watched the story of Game of Thrones, you allow a story to unfold for you, of kings and queens, of heroes willing to stand for their honor and brave people living their truth… And this story comes to life for you.

With all the blessings I can bestow with my alchemical nature, I offer this soap… SEND THE RAVENS.


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