Show or Not to Show New Soaps

Show or Not To Show New Soaps

That’s my question.  Should I share my newest soaps before they fully cure?

Its been a dilemma, a marketing pain, deciding if I show soaps that won’t be available for 4-6 weeks from the time I make them.

I’ve been lucky with pre-orders. Customers trusting me with their soap, paying for them to secure the “golden ticket” since I don’t make many of each design. However, I’ve wondered if they would sell quicker if I waited to share the images, and offer the newest soaps for sale, when they are fully cured.

Why would I want them to sell quicker?

(I can read your mind.)

If I sell them I loosen up shelf space for new soaps AND I loosen up mental space to create new designs.

I realized the other day, after having cleaned off another flat surface (one of my super powers is to clutter all flat surfaces in minutes) that I also cleared my mind.

A friend of mine has a project we’re working on. Well, I’m working on it, but its for her. I made two pounds of medallions for her up coming convention. I stamped her company logo (a Texas Star, in part) on each medallion tuck it in a little plastic bag along with her business card and a little note of soap ingredients. She’ll hand these out at her conventions as a unique way to connect with her clients.

We give sugar so easily its no longer special. And its terrible for the body, so why would we continue this practice?

By giving hand made soap it says a lot about your level of self-awareness and environmental/social awareness.

Anyway, more to the point. When I cleared off another flat surface in my home, to make 600 or so medallions (which all have to dry flat) I was filled with creative ideas. Up until that day I was just a little stuck. I didn’t feel uncomfortable about not flowing with ideas, I was born an artist and know that’s how it works. I wanted to be inspired again. The kind of inspiration I’ve had for the last two years about soap, to wake up and get to work. I love that feeling… Can’t wait to go to bed, so I can wake up, coffee in hand, still in my pajamas and dig into a project.

The Question

The other aspect to consider is, is my excitement about sharing the newest creation. That can’t be fabricated or duplicated, its an authentic moment which I was taught by an English professor is worthing of taking a note and striving to capture it in words, while story telling.

I’m still not resolved on how to handle this show or not show situation, but I did make a video today, since I’m still making these little Black Bird Poison Pies I thought I’d take advantage of the process. I was inspired by the fragrance oil Poison Pie by Nature’s Garden.

This is only one of many I haven’t shown on my Sorcery Soap Facebook page.  So here’s the sneak peak.


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