Soap for Horse Lovers

Soap for Horse Lovers

Horse Lovers Soap

Horse Lovers Soap

These soaps have horse lovers ingredients: a bale of hay (scented with Warm Barn Wood), hand molded Horses scented with Leather in a field of grass soap shavings scented with Cut Grass. I hand molded these hay bales and little horses, so no two will be identical.

The inside is scented with Leather and Warm Barn Wood, to create unique scent that gives me the deep idea of horses and the experience of being around horses.

I have always loved horses. I grew up with them and found a great deal of comfort in just being near them. I befriended an abused horse as a kid, and was delighted after months of dropping green grass through a fence when he finally trusted me enough to take it from my hand.

This was a moment that colored my life in ways I could not predict.

One day I walked to the end of my road where a small herd of horses were pastured. I had visited them many times, but that day I climbed into the pasture with them. They were curious and came up to me, surrounding me. These horses were draft horses, large and imposing. Belle, Joe, Socks and a few others I grew to know, stood over me and put their mouths on my shoulders, head… all over me. They just stood there. I was overwhelmed and felt a huge well of sadness. I sobbed and they stood witness to my grief.

They did not move. When I was done crying, we got to know each other. I felt refreshed and renewed. I had no idea I had missed them so much, how much comfort I took with horses and how I’d felt like I was home.

This is what horses mean to me.

I hope that my little Horse Lovers Soaps touch a place in you and help you remember what horses mean to you. And most of all, I hope these soaps bring a smile to you when you use or see them on your counter.

The Horse Lovers Soaps are now available! Purchase here.

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