Soap Packaging

Soap Packaging

Soap Packaging – DIY 

This is a satisfying do-it-yourself project.

“How can I package my soap inexpensively?” 

Soap packaging; how? The big question for many soap makers.

Over testing inexpensively was important, I wanted to do it home and I didn’t want to wait on to order a test package.

I want to make the soap packaging attractive, not entirely touchable, but still be able to see and experience the soaps.

Packaging is a huge part of making soap or any product. It has to be attractive. My friends love me and they’ll accept anything I give them, and I’ve given them many things over they years, but I wanted to give completely wrapped gifts.

After much trial and error, I realized I could print on these bags and kill two birds with one stone.

 Free Download - Bag Template 


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Thank you for all you do for all the soapers out there.

Carlyn Little

Hi dear!Thank you for all you do !Nice letters!

Rodica Pacel

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