Sugar Pie Soap

Sugar Pie Soap – Handmade

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate FREE Soap.

 I began making soap to live more simply by getting chemicals out of all bath and body products. So, after doing a ton of research I started making soap. I soon realized simple ingredients do not need to be boring. ON the contrary, they can be artistic soaps that I use daily. I offer my simple artistic soaps to you.
Sorcery Soaps are:
*★ 。* *★ 。* The entire pie-soap is approximately 2.8 pounds, with 13 slices of amazing
Warm Caramel, Sugar Cookie and Brown Sugar on a coffee scrub base. *★ 。* *★ 。*

Shower with this sweetly fragrant PIE is clean and distinct yet not over powering. The bottom, crust, is made with brown sugar skin safe fragrance oil and ground coffee. A unique way to shower AND exfoliate!

Sorcery Soap is made with Coconut Oil, lard and soybean oil base.
This soap, with its design of interest, is meant to create a delightful moment of self care.

*★ 。* *★ 。* Get the chemicals out of your soap!

To Read more about Sorcery Soap and the Soap Witch: Sorcery Soap – How it works lt

I use all my soaps. I love this soap! I truly hope you do to.

This pie is all there is of this soap. I may make it again, yet, there are so many ideas left to explore and create!

*★ 。* *★ 。* cocoa pie soap

All soap has been thoughtfully and consciously crafted.

Sorcery Soap is art-crafted with lye, filtered water, chosen oils, colorants and fragrances. All ingredients are food grade and/or skin safe and true soap.

Base: Coconut oil, lard, vegetable oil, and a huge dose of craftiness.

*★ 。* *★ 。*

Phthalate Free
Preservative Free
SLS Free
Detergent Free

Buy this pie, a slice or the entire pie, at Sorcery Soap Shop!

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