TruScent Love Spell

Fillmore TruScent Love Spell I have not had a lot of experience with many Love Spell’s,  just Wholesale Supplies Plus. I had to learn to like it, but once I adjusted to it, I love it! This isn’t a full fragrance oil review, just some feedback and comments on my personal results. I added one […]

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Fillmore Container TruScent Lilac

Fillmore Container TruScent Lilac I found Fillmore Container TruScent from a soaping group. This company’s scents came recommended by  Karen Tallent Dietrich. I’m truly grateful for that suggestion!  I order 1 oz bottle of this fragrance oil and then test them in a tried and true recipe. The first was Lilac. I love lilacs yet am […]

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Forward Motion in Soap Business

How to maintain forward motion with your soap business.  Forward Motion for a Slow Season When your arts and crafts show sales are off, orders are not coming in as expected and your soaps are stacking up EVERYWHERE, where do you find inspiration to keep going? I see starting, or keeping a business running, like […]

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Simple Soap Recipe

Simple Soap Recipe Soaping Secrets So many new soapers ask for an “easy” recipe. Here it is! This is a great practice go-to recipe. Use this to grow your own recipes. Recipes, other than customer lists, are your business (if you choose to have one). Tried and true recipes are so guarded because it takes […]

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Overcome Ugly Soap

The best thing you can do for yourself as a new soaper is not to give up. I’m not kidding. This mindset can be applied to anything. Now, there is a time and a place for redirection and quitting. We are not discussing that right now.  Not giving up means no matter what – no matter […]

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Soap Business

Do you believe you can have a soap business?  If so, do you believe you have to do it the way its been done? Or can you build a life with soaping you can live? I’m exploring this idea of a soap business. Soaping is a hobby for me, now. One that I love. I’ve had […]

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Golf Soap

Golf Soap I’m striving to make something for men. I did not put glitter on this one, so it MUST be for men, right? This is made with coconut oil, lard and soybean oil, the bottom is vanilla and coffee. This soap smells like fresh grass. Love it! I will buy this fragrance oil again, […]

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How Soap Works

How Soap Works

Need To Know: I make soap because I love the artistry, chemistry and the surprise element of the best laid plans. I also like connecting with people through soap and their skin. Not sure why exactly, yet it seems to be what I love. So I’m learning as much as I can about the soaping […]

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Soaping Insights

Soaping Insights What I learned from this pie soap and other soaping adventures. I’m in love with soaping, so this makes me want to learn. I watch, experiment and chart what I learn. I have made one recipe over and over, with only design variation. Here are some of the things I’ve learned. 1.) I always […]

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