TruScent Love Spell

Fillmore TruScent Love Spell

I have not had a lot of experience with many Love Spell’s,  just Wholesale Supplies Plus. I had to learn to like it, but once I adjusted to it, I love it!

This isn’t a full fragrance oil review, just some feedback and comments on my personal results.Love Spell True Scent

I added one ounce to a one pound cold process soap. This recipe was high in olive oil, as I prefer soap that is conditioning and that has slip. I understand it leaves a bit of oil on the skin, and use a high cleansing every two or three days. This recipe is the one I find myself grabbing more often than not.

It did not accelerate, or change color. I added some pink mica from Mad Oils and was surprised the color took so well. Over all, very pleased with this scent. It is no different, except for price, than the other Love Spell I used.

The scent is sweet, citrus and slightly floral. It behaved properly. Now, when I smell Love Spell, all I can see is pink. I’m grateful I found Fillmore Container’s TruScents! Well done. They are true and clear, behave well and are priced comfortably.

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