Triangle Soap Recipe

Soap Recipe

How I made this soap:

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I was inspired to use this recipe because I wanted a simple recipe for a more complex design. I had an idea about the slanted design, but hadn’t tried it yet, so I just held the idea loosely. I had to see how the soap preformed to know for sure.

I approached the recipe with a color scheme in mind. I wanted blue and purple with some bright white. I would use the white as a line, since I’m terrible at doing line of powder. I did once with a cocoa dusting that was just ok, but it smears when I cut it and that goes against my desire for neatness.

Super Fat & Water Reduction

This is cold process using Lard, Olive Oil (inexpensive pomace), Palm Oil, Coconut Oil and a touch of silk.

You can superfat this at your desired amount. I used 5% superfat. I also did not reduce the water from the SoapCalculator’s default settings. I need time to work, and water buys time.

I made the recipe using a general cold processing method. If you need help with the recipe you can write me directly, but there are great videos already on how to make cold process.Triangle Soap #handmade #handmadesoap #sorcerysoap #handcraftedsoap #handcraftedbath #beautyandbath #artisansoap

I made the batch and added Pink Grapefruit fragrance oil to the entire batch before I colored it. I like this fragrance oil since I know it preforms well, does not discolor or accelerate trace. Its a bright clean fragrance and one I rely on for producing stable results.

Setting the Mold

Setting my 4 pound silicone mold on an angle, I leaned it on a towel and propped it up with another towel so it wouldn’t slide. I poured the purple amount, which I guessed at, and dropped in a few hand rolled embeds. I tapped it, I did not pound it, to get the air bubbles out. Its too delicate to pound. When I was satisfied, I sprayed with alcohol and put it in the freezer for a few minutes. I set the mold the same way, on a tilt, in the freezer.

When I could jiggle the mold, and the soap didn’t move, I proceeded. I pulled the soap out of the freezer and put it on a tilt again on my soap table. I spooned a thin layer of white batter and put it back in the freezer. Now, my soap is beginning to firm. The saponification process is happening so the soap is beginning to harden, which always causes a bit of anxiety in me. Patiences, I tell myself. I take a breath and wait a few more moments while this soap stiffens.


I remove the mold and set the mold level on the table, and spoon the rest of the soap on carefully and smooth the entire layer out. I now can tap the entire mold a little harder to try and release any trapped air bubbles. When I say, spoon carefully, I mean that literally. I am extremely gentle to not penetrate the bottom layers.

I spray the top liberally with alcohol and stick the finished soap in the freezer for about 30 minutes. No longer because I don’t want to freeze it. Remember, there is still water in it and it will freeze. I just want to hinder the heat from full saponification. I don’t want cracks or gelling in the center.

I take it out and spray the top again. I don’t mind ash on the top and don’t want to chance gelling, so I leave it uncovered to evaporate and minimize heat. I’ve seen soap, after removing it from my chilling-process, heat up to 180 degrees. I’m cautious to control the heat in the direction I want it to go.

I unmolded the next day and cut it. Its a smooth, hard bar now after 4 weeks. I have it for sale, yet I want to keep this one.

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How to Make Triangle Soap
Recipe Type: Cold Process Slow Trace
Author: Soap Witch
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: 10 bars
Cold process slow to trace soap. Used for time consuming designs.
  • 40% Lard
  • 30% Olive Oil
  • 20% Coconut Oil
  • 10% Palm Oil
  1. Make as a traditional cold process recipe, adhering to your own safety procedures.
  2. Add 1/3 teaspoon of powdered silk amino acids to lye solution for a 2.5 pound loaf.


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