Which Soap Dough Book?

Which Soap Dough Book?

These are the first and most comprehensive soap dough books presented anywhere. 

If you're wondering what soap dough book to begin with here are my thoughts on each book.

An Enchanted Book of Soap Dough 

The book Soap Dough Book of Peculiar Ideas and Soap Potions is about positioning yourself to create. Without a position of creativity it's difficult to proceed. So, this is the creative grounding, an outline of how to get started, changing the habits and mental rituals we do that keep us "uninspired" but positioning to be inspired and continue. Along with information about soap dough and 3 soap dough recipes. 

Read more here... 

The Magic of Soap Dough Book 

The Magic of Soap Dough book is a comprehensive book of soap dough information along with 24 mica recipes. This book has how-to's with practical steps to mold soap. Full color images and examples, tool descriptions and much more. Read more here... 


Soap Dough Recipe Book of Light and Shadow Vol. 1 & Vol. 2  

The two recipe work books have enough information to get you started  Soap Dough Recipe Book of Light and Shadow Vol . 1 is for Animal  based recipes and Vol 2. has Vegetable based recipes, each have 10 recipes. These books are presented in a workbook format along with soap dough insights. In each book there is enough soap dough information to get started.

For a full comprehension of soap dough all 4 books are recommended.  


Soap Craft Inspiration Book  Soap Craft Inspiration

The FIFTH book SOAP CRAFT INSPIRATION is a soap photography book of IDEAS, all examples of soap creations. I've read many soap making books and have not run across any that address the creative aspects or address deeper ideas of inspiration. So, I offered all that and many full color images.

For international soap makers, this book is now being offered on Amazon. Take a look under your counties Amazon designation: amazon.co.ukamazon.de, and amazon.com.br

For the United States soap makers this book can be pre-ordered here and forever more, even if we run out of stock. US AMAZON

I hope this helps you make your first choice and eventually collect all five soap dough books.


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