May 28 Bee To Nyla

May 28 Bee To Nyla

May 28


Dear Nyla,


The Empire Rules All. Long live the Empire.

I am a good citizen and see only benevolent Rulers. I would never use derision or deceit to bring down the Empire. I love the leaders and will do my duty.

Are you enjoying the new increased costs of all things, knowing we are doing our duty and funding the wars? Long live the Empire. 

I hope all is well.

Love, Bee



Ione said the scanners are only reading the beginning of each letter, so far. I have warded this letter. This letter should make it to you undetected. I’m sorry for the ridiculousness, but we cannot take chances right now until the fall of the PTB and the shifting of the realms. 

The thousand years of peace is on the horizon. I’m doing all I can to prepare for it. I have let go of the direct influences of the dark passenger. As we know, each vessel (be it human or Magical) has a responsibility to listen to the dark whispers and deny entry. The only way evil enters any realm is through the vessel doorway. I see living in harmony - realms of Magicals and men - on the horizon. Darkness in any form can be seductive.

I thought I’d get the call before now. I really did. Is this hubris? Did I overestimate my work and efforts? I must have.

I’m beginning to worry I’ll never get the call. I know I shouldn’t ask…  I’ve been keen for years hoping for the sign; eliminating every low-cunning idea or desire and replacing it with “do more good than harm” in all endeavors. At least I thought I was adept. Now, being painfully honest, I’m concerned. 

I might not get a summons from the Society in this life, however, I have become a much better Magical because of this desire to know my own kind outside of our family. It's not as if I haven’t met other Magicals, but only superficially. 

I have been sought out by the Temporals in the past. There was a push for me to join the Fist Order. Do you remember the campaign to be “with us or against us”, they flew a black flag with a raised white fist. I saw what they were up to and ignored it, embarrassed they thought I was viable. They seemed to melt away, with a flood of chaos at the capitol building in their wake. That dark sorcery left dead fish on the shore rotting the political beaches. 

You’ve not told me outright, but I suspect you belong. Could you tell me how it happened? Not the initiation, of course, but the events that led up to the oath taking. I know about that much. I dreamed the oath. 

I understand there is no known documentation about this process, as to keep it from the Temporal awareness, and yet it has stood for thousands of years, so I will tread lightly. 

How do they judge the quality of one’s heart? There is a story of the old gods weighing one's heart against that of a peacock feather. How does that happen before death? 

I’m in a quandary. I know I should not hope for this process, as it is a by-product of a Magical’s life quality, however, I’m concerned. I’m 58 and haven’t seen evidence that I've been identified by the Society. I’m such a child. I know… Just to want it, is a sign I’m not ready. 

I’m not a part of the Temporal Society, that much is clear. I also know one doesn’t need to belong to any society, so I wonder at the longing to belong.

Blessings, Bee

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