May Soap Calendar

May Soap Calendar

Do you have a soap calendar?

This May Soap Calendar is an outline for soap making prompts to help you schedule in real time. This calendar is an aid to remember a host of functional tasks necessary to offering fully cured soap.

Too many times I've forgotten an event and with 7-8 weeks cure time, one cannot go back in time and manifest soap.

This calendar accounts for 8-10 weeks preparation time, allowing for 7-8 weeks cure time. The prompts also allow for cure time of cold process soap, photographs, posts and ship/delivery times or preparation for a craft fair. 

Each monthly calendar : 

  • One week allowance to make the soap
    • Within that week: one day soap is made, 
    • 2 - 3 days in the mold, 1 day to cut.
  • 7-8 weeks later, prompt for: cure time and approximately 2 weeks for photographs, writing posts and ship / delivery or preparation of craft fair.

Holidays of Note 

May Soap Calendar Sorcery Soap

There are few holidays listed on this soap making calendar. As soap makers there is plenty to think about, so keeping an austere calendar holds space for new ideas. Being muddled down by inconsequential holidays can be burdensome. 

There are notes of season changes: solstice, equinox, etc.

Points of Note

Important: listing days the US Post Office will be closed, as printing US Post labels (2-3 days) requires accuracy.

Too many times I have taken orders to the post office only to arrive to closed doors. 


It has been my experience that to have the moon phases listed helps me understand my work loads, energy for work, and brings about an awareness to my rhythm toward the ungovernable luminaries. 

Reflecting on why energies are high, low or neutral and correlating to moon cycles has given me insights to my work loads. If the moon is powerful enough to affect the tides, how I am excluded from this function? 

Why Holidays?

Have you wondered why we have certain holidays? Take a journey down a murky rabbit hole and investigate where our holidays originated. It will bend your mind.

I'm not referencing the super-imposed man-made saccharine sweet holidays that are void of all true meaning, but to a deep soul-connection of the seasons. The only result of day light savings I experience is slight frustration at having to change clocks. Not once have I been joyful at the need to change clocks. I've spent years not changing my clocks only to encounter, repeatedly, the mental gymnastics to accommodate this change. 

When something that is imposed causes these results to a logical and rational person, I have to ask , to what purpose? 

I have been researching, to the best of my abilities, which is difficult in with our newly scrubbed internet of non-things of substance, the origins of our calendar system. 

An idea I ran across was that the oldest calendars began with a lunar calendar. Some say the Dendara Calendar, other say Sumerian. The idea being those who lived in the Mesopotamian region also known as the Fertile Crescent near the Mediterranean Sea were said to use the night stars to guide them. They used the moon as a calendar, as they traveled at night being cooler and easier to gaze upon. This leads to the idea that a New Moon, or no moon, is a time of quiet and no movement, as it is difficult to navigate when there is less light. A Full Moon is the time to travel and take action, with more light. Animals instinctively know this and are more active during full moon. 

The moon cycles at 28-29 days, which results in 12 new moons and 12 full moons each year, approximately equidistant. If each month has 29 days that would result in 348 days in a year. The moon is not an accurate time keeper. The moon phases in variation depending on where on the earth it is being viewed.

The goal of "universal" time, as far as I can understand, is to make a "global" time despite our experience in each of our realms. This alters the perception of time for the regions and individuals. 

Most "people" doing work in the spiritual worlds understand time is perceived. The accounting of time is imposed individual reality as a replacement reality and is inaccurate at best. The excuse for a "global" clock is weak tea. This is similar to saying we all must fight crime, but not address the criminal. Words, void of meaning and livable results.

Have you engaged in an activity that takes you out of your time awareness? Have you gotten caught up in the present moment so completely time flies? Or, have you clock watched when striving to be done with an unpleasant situation, like waiting for time to release you from your job? These time structures are difficult to quantify, but we experience them. No clock or calendar can account for these, yet they are a real phenomena. 

I wondered, without the idea of imposed meaningless holidays and a man-made calendar, what would life be like? Do I intuitively know when to celebrate or do I need to be told? What are my connection to the season change? Why do I feel as if time is incorrect and not sincere? 

I see another "Earth day" and wondered who decided that? Did they pray about it? See it in a dream? Ask the real people? Did "they" consult skilled astrologers or astronomers? Or did they arbitrarily pull this idea out of the propaganda machine, with an underscoring agenda? Imposed holidays do not feel correct. They seem random and designed, not sincere and thoughtful. 

When bigger and bigger lies are told words have lost all meaning. 

Do you have a deep and meaningful relationship to our current holidays?

Download your May Soap Making Calendar HERE! 

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