Astrology Soap & Soap Truth

Astrology Soap & Soap Truth

Hi dear Soap Witches!  Incase I win the lotto, which means I will disappear, I wanted to say my part.

Astrology Soap

I am Bee the Soap Witch. I brought soap dough to the foreground some years ago. When no one was posting soap dough creations, I was in my little world sharing, sharing and sharing. I was excited to have a new medium.

A "friend" said, "who's going to follow a soap instagram channel?" Nice friend. No longer a friend. AND, only about 40k people!

Some claim to have created soap dough, but well... no one created it. It can be a natural by-product of cold process soap. With that said, I was the one who brought attention to moldable soap and coined the phrase "soap dough" and "soap cookie". This isn't easy to say, as I wanted my work to stand on its own. I wanted my long history of photography to stand on its own. I wanted my writing to stand on its own. I didn't think I would ever have to say this... Yet, some are under strong misconceptions and making some large untrue claims. 

Some are creating business on these very ideas. The least they could do is offer a nod to who did the work before them. Tesla and I have similar fates. I hope he haunts some people. 

I think it's a big deal to bring an idea into full focus, to bring ideas from the ethers and manifest for others to have access to something that was JUST an idea before.

I wrote articles, I answered tons of questions, I shared and shared... I, also searched and searched, but couldn't find anything on the subject of soap dough, moldable soap, pliable soap... So, I experimented, explored and wrote 4 books on the topic over the years. Sharing all my soap dough explorations, what works, what doesn't and how to make ideal soap dough.

Soap dough might be a by-product of cold process, but there is a way to make smooth and ideal moldable soap dough. I have brought this process into focus. I've been in my little soap lab these past few years perfecting this process. I haven't kept it secret. When others ask, I share. 

As far as I can tell I was the first to write FOUR books about moldable, pliable cold process soap aka SOAP DOUGH.  I've seen many people shade the truth of this, claiming they started this soap dough "thing". I figured I'd just say my version. I was (and am) committed to sharing all the TIPS AND TRICKS of soap dough.

I have written over 300 FREE blog posts, make and share videos and have written FOUR soap dough books. This all takes a crap ton of time. Time where I was not paid. Time where all my other duties fell to the wayside. Time. This is my trade: my life force energy for the results. 

My original mentor even commandeered ideas I sent her. Yup, it broke my little creative heart. I confronted her and she came out with claws, verbally attacking. I apologized. I apologized for touching it with a needle, for speaking too close to th the truth it hurt. She's never spoken to me again. I was not wrong. She copies other people, but has few  - if any  -original ideas. I've been watching. 

I get that not all people are honorable, but some people are down right not people. They are hungry ghosts. I think a real person embodies compassion and honor.   

I thought I'd clear it up. It's a cryin' shame when people take other people's ideas and claim them as their own. What's the big deal? Someone has to come up with ideas. Why not just say? Money? Power? Ego? Greed?  

I do not want to live in a world void of creatives, void of those of us who feel and see the world differently.  Nothing would exist without creative minds. NOTHING. These people should be treated with a modicum of respect, if not the person, then the ideas should be respected. 

We live in a disposable culture. If I don't stand up for my ideas, no one will and all will be lost to history. Our disposable culture throws things out for the newsfeed. Built in obsolescence waiting for the next flashy thing to fill the space. The hungry ghost must be fed. 

Those who commandeer other people's creativity, well... we have a name for that... It might start with a "C"... Corporation. LOL You thought I was going to say something else? I write to you, creative sensitive soul, because you get me. ;)  

I'm sharing this video because some have asked how I make creatures out of soap dough. Here is the video, which is first of 12 on how to make Capricorn the Goat.

To you, my loyal reader and soap witch, I have created four books in print. It's because of you, you who ask sincere questions, have a curious mind and want to know the magic that is soap dough.  

I hope that right after "soap dough" my name appears... some day. 

And, thank you for reading this far. 

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Thank you for sharing your soapy information with everyone. I just recently tried the soap dough recipe, and it works perfectly. I also recently purchased soap dough from you back in March, and it is beautiful to work with as well. I am falling in love with moldable soap, and I adore your creations. So sorry that some do not give you the credit for creating a movement and following for the soap dough recipes and creations. But please know that there are many of us that admire your work and gladly give you the credit for showing us the versatility of soap dough.


I have been watching your soap dough world grow for several years now and I love your creativity! Your little tiny creatures are precious. Some day I hope I have the time and patience to copy some of your ideas lol. I have one of your books but a hard copy would be great for gifts to my grandchildren. I only buy them gifts that are craft. You have taken dough to your own level, sorry you lost a mentor but I believe too, your very definition of a human. We can only hope she is fortunate and sees the light some day. And since I’m a Capricorn…well I will be molding some soap this weekend, soap dough I made for a challenge and never had the time to use. Thank you for the inspiration and let us know when you find a publisher! PamC

Pamela Carver

Thank you for taking the time. I will revisite Lulu.

Bhakti Iyata

Hi Bee; I posted on your Capricorn on YouTube. I am a professional musician by trade and teach music and Latin, of all things. I have run a professional childrens’ theater, written and directed…. all those kinds of creative things. I have some incomplete work for books of my own which are in various stages of development.

You might want to look at Lulu for publishing. I have purchased many books from them and when I get ready to publish they will be my first choice at this time. They print on demand but they are very quick to get things out and because of their approach there are all manner of very interesting and unique publications. I don’t have any contact information other than purchases, but I do have friends who use Lulu to publish.
I purchased all three of your e-books and they are beautiful and enchanting. Best wishes, and again thank you for sharing yourself with all of us out here.


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