Dump Journal

Dump Journal

Hi my dear,

We haven't chatted in awhile. I thought I'd drop you a line. 

You've been quiet. Oh, don't fret, this isn't a criticism, just an observation. I've been quiet as well. The world is a bit chaotic at the moment. As you know, my dear witch, with your keen senses. I'll not bemoan the clown posse.

I've picked up my writing practice again. I keep notes on my life daily, however, this morning I'm one step closer to writing for 30 minutes each morning, before I speak.

I wrote a page. My brain dump. Nothing particularly important, and attempt to remember my dreams and get the detritus out of the way, to be a more clear being.

As you might remember, I kept writing practice for five years straight, some years ago. I wondered at this desire at the time, have since written a few books and recently discovered I sold 12,268 books. I still don't consider this a writing career, but a strong tool in my toolbox. 

Now, I'm making notebooks and journals. I realized that the cover, sans words, helps me toward inspiration. I've made about 50 so far and am encouraged each day with the ideas of the meaning behind each image. 

This is one of my new favorites. 

Farm Girl and Her Chicken

Farm Girl and Chicken Notebook "Capture the charm and authenticity of farm life with our Farm Girl and Her Chicken illustration journal. Delightful and heartwarming, this journal features an endearing illustration of a farm girl with her beloved chicken, celebrating the simple joys and genuine connections found in rural living."

This is rich with consideration and the idea of keeping notes of farm life. I would love to have chickens.

This is the one I've ordered.  

Purple Tree of Life Journal

"Each branch and leaf is a testament to the beauty and interconnectedness of all living things, reminding you of the infinite possibilities that exist within and around you." Purple Tree of Life

I wanted something to be large enough to encourage me to finish one page and possibly achieve my brain dump for thirty minutes first thing each morning. I gained a great deal from this practice in the past. 

My other consideration is the spiral aspect because I like to fold the entire journal open. I've used and do use the stitched sort, but those don't encourage me as much as a flat writing surface. So there's that. 

I put a little stack of stones on the back to remember to mark my path. 

So, you'll probably hear from me a bit more often. As my fingers are communicating via typing and a lovely pen onto paper. Both have their uses.

I'll leave you with this tea recipe, from my tea journal. I've been collecting tea recipes as I have my cup most evenings. 

Psychic Tea Recipe

 Here are some resources for creative writing and journaling.

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