Extruders and Soap Dough

Extruders and Soap Dough

Extruders With Soap Dough

How to get those embed inside a bar of soap? One way is to use a column mold. This can be tricky. Using a cold process recipe that includes enough water to keep the freshly made cold process soap liquid to pour down the column can also cause soda ash. 

And then, there is wait time for full saponification. 

Many of these tools, extruders and presses can be found on Amazon. 


A column soap certainly can be accomplished to pour without soda ash. If you don't want to take the time to make a new batch of cold process soap for an embed, use soap dough.

To  use soap dough and create the same effect as an embed made with a column mold, a clay extruder can be used.  

Extruder Disks

You'll find a host of designs and ideas with interchangeable disk shapes. Here are a few I use and have found helpful to create interest inside each bar, which will last the life of the bar as they run through the entire loaf of soap.

The disks that come with a regular size extruder are small. If you want a larger embed, the extender can be used with this extruder. 

Search: "Walnut Hollow Clay Extruder Adaptor Set"


There is a rubber gasket on the inside of the plunger. This needs to be removed and cleaned each time the extruder is used. If this is not cleaned out it will contaminate future uses of soap dough. 

To clean the extured, run under water and use a small brush. Be sure to thoroughly clean all components with hot water, spray with rubbing alcohol and let air dry. 

I have used a cookie press with success. I grew up with Spritz cookies thinking they were Swedish. Turns out, they aren't exactly Swedish. 

Google says: "Spritz cookies are traditional Christmas cookies in Scandinavian countries. They are simple butter cookies, shaped by putting the dough through a cookie press. The name comes from the German word spritzen, meaning “to squirt” because the soft dough is squirted or pushed through a cookie press to make fancy designs."

Spritz cookie press

 So many ways to use soap dough. Look into clay tools, cookie tools and anything you have in your cupboard. You might have something in your kitchen no one has thought of using. 

Here is a video how to make and utilize embeds inside cold process soap. 

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Thank you so much for sharing your expertise! I am devouring your blogs and websites, Instagram and Facebook group. I only started experimenting with soap dough yesterday! It is quickly becoming one of my favorite parts of soaping, and that’s tough, because I love it all! I can’t wait until I can get one of your books! You are so talented, thank you, again, for sharing that talent and your wide array of knowledged.


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