Magical Soaps Magical People

Magical Soaps Magical People

I asked a question in Sorcery Creations Group the other day. It seemed like such a simple question, "what else, other than soap, do you do?" 

The answers were amazing to me. The level of skill, talent and creativity was abundant. What else stood out was how people take refuge in our little soap group. After a busy day they look forward to enchanted creations we all share.

I had no idea the busy lives and stresses others have. 

There was a story someone told me, that there was an erratic driver on the road. This dangerous behavior was infuriating to the other drivers as the erratic driver was cutting people off and a cause for serious concern. 

Eventually a police officer pulled over the seemingly crazed driver. He discovered the driver was a woman. The fact that she was a woman had no bearing on the condition of her driving, but her motherhood status did. The woman had a very sick child in the back seat. The woman was frantic, with no one to help her she was trying to save her child - looking in the back seat to check on the baby and driving to the hospital - she was doing the best she could. 

What I took away from this story is we never know if there is a baby in the back seat. I cannot always give the benefit of the doubt to all, but I can be patient. Some things reveal themselves with just waiting. 

Some days an innocent question can reveal so much more... 

I am not all seeing. I am surprised at how generous and kind some humans are. In a world where we are bombarded with how wicked people are, it's refreshing to know that there are joyous, creative and kind people in this world doing the best they can, getting along and finding joy where they can. 

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