Unicorn Evidence Soap

Unicorn Evidence, More than Soap

I looked at the latest soap creation that erupted from the recesses of my unconscious, “Unicorn Evidence” and thought, it looked childish. What adult would want this?

Before I start to run my own creation down…

Wait! The real question is… Do I like it?

What are my facts? The base of this idea, the soap itself is well researched, tried and true and a very serious matter. The ingredients work well, create bubbles and clean, but don’t strip skin. The holy grail of a good soap recipe. All very serious.

Yeah, but is it fun?

While contemplating who would want this Unicorn soap, I began adding tag words in my mind, “adult fun”, “adult sorcery”, “adult magic” wondering what kind of people would want this soap. Because, after all, who can appreciate the quality of this soap but adults?

I don’t have to search these terms to know what will come up. (Ok, I did it anyway.)

Here are the results:

  • “Adult fun” brought up fetish stores in the area, adult dating sites and a brothel.
  • “Adult sorcery” brought up a comic book novel and versions of that string.
  • “Adult magic” brought up actual magic tricks.

I don’t have anything against consenting adults doing sexual activities, however, that’s not what I’m presenting with Sorcery Soaps. Not at all. So what else is “adult fun” besides sexual and naughty? Is that all we have as adults, naughty things with an undercurrent of sexuality? How freaking boring. Simple. And mundane. (Yup, that’s how I feel about ONLY using sexuality, which is common marketing and what we are inundated with…)

I’m presenting the idea that its acceptable for adults to have a little imagination, a dreamy moment and even the idea that we don’t know all there is in this world, which creates a little mystery. On top of all that, the very adult choice of a soap that isn’t full of Sodium Laurel Sulfate, Phthalates and harsh detergents; things that can potentially cause a host of long term issues down the road, and as adults our frontal lobes are fully formed.

Mystery can be fun and even magical, look at the Harry Potter series, Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings for that adult mystical/magical reality.  And these three artistic manifestations of stories created a massive and loyal following. Magical reality is a tool in literature and many other art forms, why not in soap?

I invite you, the reader, to embrace this idea. YOU get to choose how you want to create, your business, your life and what goes into your life. Let go of how others have done it, and do it for yourself. If you make yourself pleased at least you have that much. Were you pleased with any of the Harry Potter series, Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings? Being pleased is the process. Being pleased colors all we do. Pleased, okay, happy, helps all things move along more smoothly.

Why shouldn’t you please yourself first?

So, I look at the soaps I make and am truly pleased. If they please others that also pleases me. Good luck pleasing yourself, at least, occasionally.


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