When Ideas Run Dry

When Ideas Run Dry

What does an artist to do when it seems ideas have dried up?

When ideas run dry, does it mean the well is empty? Sorcery Soap Books


Trust if you've done it once you can do it again. What I do is look back over old ideas. I keep drawers of leftover soap dough embellishments.

Sometimes it's more a matter of new projects feel overwhelming than ideas drying up. We remember all those details it takes to make something unusual and that feeling creates an anticipation. At least it does for me.

The Goal

So, the goal is to make the idea so tantalizing no amount of work will put me off. The goal is to create excitement. If I create excitement in myself it might even translate to others. 

If I find my work, my creations tedious that energy might also come across. Sorcery Soap dough embeds

How do I get excited about something again?

I look at images that are exciting. I don't lie to myself, even if a small glimmer of excitement flickers, I jump on it. Because when I'm in the gray place, the smallest of shiny object can get my attention. If I invite the raven energy I can become enchanted with anything, leaving off judgment of the object of attention for another day. 

My number one job is to fill my well of creativity, like Julia Cameron writes in "The Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity." My job is to never fully deplete my well of creativity, but add to it, keep it stocked up. 

I add to my well of creativity by taking long hikes, allowing myself it enjoy the outside, truly enjoying flowers, colors, stories, looking at other artist's work.  When I cannot get my head around things, I go outside, for hours or a moment. It makes all the difference. 

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Awww, perfect timing to hear your everlasting words of wisdom and encouragement! I am thankful for you sharing your incredible gift of creativity.

Tina Sabine

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