An Unshakable Belief In The Unseen

An Unshakable Belief In The Unseen

I no longer lose my way. 

How is this possible? How can someone not lose faith?

Much of my life has probably been similar to yours, looking outside myself to find an answer. I've looked to religion, man made laws and governments for sanity. All to no avail.

The second I turned my focus inward I forget to seek answers outside of myself. This is a tricky idea, because it is not an absolute, but a sophisticated concept. Tempering outside information with inside information takes a level of decrement. I take information from outside myself, for sure. I read. I study and research. Testing each idea against what I know to be right, true and just.

The idea that one takes instruction from ones own internal truth meter does not shut the door on the outside world. I am the arbitrator of what I find to be credible, and true.

If I run into a conundrum, I ask "does that sound true" to me? The last part, "for me" is important. I can find ideas that sound true, but are not true for all. If I understand that something is true for me, it is a light on my path. That simple. I don't have to stand on a soap box and shout it, however, I can use it to guide my endeavors and attitudes. 

As a child, sitting in judges chambers, only he and I there, he asked me if I knew the difference between a lie and the truth. I did, of course. However, the world outside of myself was muddled and filled with duplicitous people who told bold face lies. If I said what was true it would implicate some adults, as I knew in that moment. My thought at the time was, "they would get in trouble".  I sat there, struck dumb. 

The answer resonated with such force it caused a tsunami of soundless tears. 

The judge lost patiences, abandon his wisdom and we returned to the court room. The results were not from a merciful judge, but one who set his insight aside and relied on the law, the lowest form of judgment. I could see he understood on some level the turmoil I was experiencing.

I was returned to the one who I did not implicate. 

I rely on this one idea, I have survived 100% of my troubles so far. There is a 100% chance I'll survive whatever is on my radar at the moment. There are unseen forces, like my own internal truth metronome, that helps guide me. There are even greater unseen forces, if I'm clear enough to understand and observe, that also guide me. I cannot believe, for one second, that because I trust my internal forces that I am alone; that when I turn my focus inwards initially it can feel like I'm alone. This seems to be a trick. Not the truth.

I now have an unshakable belief in the unseen. My understanding of my internal workings has been shaken, tested. There is some force, some process, to surviving the seemingly unsurvivable.  This force appears to be connected to the other unseen force, that small quiet voice inside myself.

The seen is a facsimile, a copy of the real truth and seems to get distorted in the manifestation, at times. Just like the idea can get distorted in the telling of it.

My internal metronome has never lost its cadence, if my ear is tuned to hear it. 

What are your thoughts? 


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