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With any project, staying present suspends that moment and feels like a dream, however, there is the end of the project when I must wake up. When that moment comes to share my creation waiting to see if I communicated clearly or at all…

How will others see what I’ve written? How will they view me in the reflection of my creation?

Waiting is the worst part. It tests me in my sincere voice, it tests how much I like my creation. Do I care what others think? Of course I do, but to what degree?

I began and deleted many posts these last few weeks while completing  “An Enchanted Book of Peculiar Ideas and Soap Potions.”  I was uncomfortable in the space while I sent this manuscript to content editors, copy editors and others for feedback. To share this awkward and uncharted territory seemed counter productive to what I was creating and was an incorrect energy to my creation, so I didn’t share.

Now that it’s over, I will share, so if you are in that place you can see it does dissipate.

I just moved through it the best I could, comforting myself with, “it is what it is” about my book and hoping it landed with a few people in a beautiful light.

I am more pleased than I can say about the feedback that is coming in and was worth consciously containing my unfamiliar and uncomfortable experience. I’m standing on that beautiful bubble of happiness. I will fall off eventually, but for now, I’m truly happy.


“Bee Iyata of Sorcery Soap has touched me yet again with her eerie insight.  I first noticed Bee’s work over a year ago… images of her colorful and expressive enchanting creatures.”

“Perhaps it was my deep love for my childhood book, The Velveteen Rabbit and the magical and emotional presence I felt when reading it.  Bee Iyata unknowingly touched my inner child and sparked wonder and excitement every time I saw her images.”

“Bee’s Soap Dough book “The Enchanted Book of Peculiar Ideas and Soap Potions” contains recipes and tool suggestions so you can create 3D images to adhere or insert into your soap. That is probably why you are reading it.  But let me tell you that those things, the tools of her trade, are only a tiny aspect of the enchanted book’s contents.  Bee writes in depth about inner presence, the state of mind and guides the reader to find their Muse.  Pure wisdom exudes from the very pages to gently bring us to the very place as an artist before we set out on the path of trying to hand mold soap.”

“She clearly is one of the most thoughtful, patient and insightful artists of our time.  I would recommend this book to any artist of any medium…a book that can offer structure and gentle guidance to help free our minds and encourage walking with the Fairies and magic that our inner art can possess.”

“Your creativity may be frozen in a state of sheer fear.  Bee can help you break that barrier and set it free.  Let her hold your hand through the Magical Forest.” – Joanna Schmidt, Owner of Mad Oils


“I just finished reading Bee’s book “An Enchanted Book of Peculiar Ideas & Soap Potions” and I thought it a magical read. I was expecting a ‘cookbook’ and a ‘how to’ but I was wrong. It is so much more. Bee has found a way to help the Muse come alive and inspire. Full of wit and charm, humor and wisdom it is the perfect read for anyone wishing to find their inner artist. The book focuses more on how to (and not to) enable yourself to create. I loved it!”  Sharon Boyd Chapman, Willow Bella Soaps


“An Enchanted Book of Peculiar Ideas and Soap Potions is such a magical and inspirational read! Bee has brought new life to the soap making industry by writing this charming and unique eBook on soap molding. She has perfected this technique and now is sharing it with soap makers all over the world. This eBook goes beyond the standard how-to eBook, providing inspiration and wisdom on connecting with your inner artist. I absolutely adore this book and you will too.” –Amanda Gail, 


“For anyone wanting to learn how to work with soap dough and call creativity, inspiration and balance to your art,  An Enchanted Book of Peculiar Ideas and Soap Potions is highly recommended. It is written by a leader of soap dough Bee Iyata, the owner and artist of the highly regarded Sorcery Soap™. Simple, affordable soap dough recipes are included for easy personal adjustments along with researched tips and troubleshooting. This is a must have book to bring your full potential into your creative soap art.”

“This book is for the novice to master soap maker”. – Lisa Harman, Pretty Hands On LLC 


“Bee is a sorceress with soap dough! Enchanting us with her spells and magical stories that she weaves through amazing sculptures and now on every page of her book! This is the book we all need to inspire us to be the best we possibly can be. I am so thrilled Bee has shared her vision with us, I know she will continue to keep us in her realm of make believe and happiness and I for one and completely “bee-sotted.” – Jo Haslauer, Author of “Natural Soap Color; botanical beauty in cold process soaps”


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