DIY Gift Bag Template

DIY Gift Bag Template

DIY, Do-It-Yourself Gift bag.

I hope the video and downloadable template help you see how to fold the gift bag. It took me a few times, so I used copy paper until I got it right.

A secret to a nicely wrapped package or gift is sharp edges and thoughtful touches, like a sparkly ribbon or a hand written note. Good luck and let me know if this helps!

The “Happy Holidays” is meant as a greeting, and will remain on the inside of the bag, just for a visual. Its another animal (more complex) to show how to print on both sides, so for educational purposes knowing the printable area is useful. When you understand how to fold the bags simple print on the opposite side. Have fun!

This is for a 11″ x 8.5″ paper.

Download the Template to practice Bag Folding:

DIY Gift Bag Template

(Click on link and “save” upper right corner to download.)


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