Hot Process Soap Dough Confusion

Hot Process Soap Dough Confusion

There is some confusion about soap dough lately, specifically about hot process dough. This process will work, however, the results are less than ideal. 

If you are a soap maker, you'll know the different finishes of hot process and cold process. Both will work. Both soap processes will result in a bar of soap that cleans, however, when it comes to soap dough hot process will not give you the smooth finish on your embellishments. No matter how good the recipe, no matter how perfect the process. Hot process does exactly the opposite of what is wanted - a lump free smooth consistency dough. 

If you are in doubt, look at the finish of a hot process soap embellishment and the cold process finish. 

After years of perfecting soap dough recipes and the process I have been able to repeat this process in thousands of pounds of soap dough. 

There are some who believe that hot process is equally acceptable as cold process soap dough. They are not. The proof is in the results.

If you want a quick way to make soap dough for children, hot process all day! If you want a polish to your embellishment, take the time to understand cold process. It will be well worth it. Not only does it offer an ideal result, you will come to understand soap in a new way. 

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