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Honeysuckle SoapSorcery Soap is now shipping internationally, well, at least to Australia and Canada.

I’ve hesitated creating international shipping for many reasons, first of all its always a learning curve (which usually costs me money), and then there is the excessive costs to everyone.

I’ve tried to err on the side of fairness. I will pay for the “handling” which is boxes, bubble wrap etc. for now. The prices that are listed are from the United Postal Service website.

A few things are happening with Sorcery Soap Company. I’m going to a standard size. With that, once this is fully implemented, it will help me seek better shipping prices, which I will happily do. For now, because I have so many irregular size soaps I’ve made an educated guess.

Sorcery Soap Company International Shipping Fees


  • Medium Priority Box – up to 38 bars. Shipping – $41.00 INSURED


  • 1st Class up to 3 lbs./9 bars – $35   NOT INSURED
  • 1st Class up to 4 lbs./11 bars – $55    NOT INSURED
  • Priority US Mail up to 38 bars – $76  INSURED

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