Learned from Soap

Learning From Soap

No matter how seemingly insignificant, finding a reason to wake up in the morning is beneficial to myself and everyone around me. Even if its just to unmold my soap from the day before. vegan soap

That soap cleans more than bodies, hair and clothes. Soap cleans and heals. The process of making soap, some how, has begun to clean my soul. Oh, I know, that’s a huge cliched statement. Yet, deep in my heart, its true. I feel as if I’m interested and curious about things again. My heart feels lighter and I’m more willing to reach out to other people. Anything that can get a person to be creative, connect with others and filled with possibilities has to have some special power. It certainly has healed parts of me, parts I didn’t know needed healing, let-alone cleaning. I will refrain from using the word, “magic” too loosely and still…  I feel deeply renewed.

I’ve also learned that I want to give things to people. Not just soap, but suggestions, a new way to see a mistake (happy accident) and support. I’ve always been like that, but more now than ever before. I think, if someone is feeling poorly, that a bar of soap would make them happy. Happy to care for themselves, something to look forward to (taking a bath or shower) and pleased the world has such gifts.

It makes me incredibly happy to see my soaps find a home. I would give all my soaps away, and… By offering them for sale, I can finance the love of my art-craft, meet people I might not meet and keep others (suppliers) happy doing their jobs too.

I’ve also learned that the soaping community is welcoming, highly creative and sharing. I’ve been in many groups and communities, both on and off line, and this, by far, has been one of the most generous groups of people I’ve been around yet. They, mostly women, share their prized recipes, soaping secrets, suppliers and tricks mostly openly. I have witnessed these same people offer support to new soapers (include me in that) who are at an impasse, need cheering up after being let down from 24 hours waiting on a soap only to see it took a wrong turn, helping them find the “gold” in the situation and discover what could be improved.

Oh, I’ve learned a lot about soap, about oils, a little chemistry, and scent and color combinations, but even if my soaping education goes no further, which I highly doubt, I’ve already been given many gifts.

If it hadn’t been for a previously failed business, I would not have begun soaping. Thanks weird world, for that failure. Thanks soap!

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