Make Soap Samples

Make Soap Samples Soap Sample Medallions

How to get your samples to your customers?

If you’re like me, as a soap maker, you create your own soap scents.

No matter how well I describe what I think a Dragon smells like, its still a bit elusive. The same with Love Spelled (my version), Leather (in soap), Forest, Sweet Willow, Champagne/Chardonnay and the rest…

I have chosen not to do craft fairs and I don’t have my soaps any where someone can smell them. Which is lovely to sell solely online. I don’t have to schelp my soap, tables, and all the gear it takes to do a craft show. I spend my days working on new ideas, filling stock soaps, ordering materials, marketing (takes far more time than I want to admit), filling orders and running to the post office. Oh, and making new soaps, experimenting with new ideas and hand molding soap.

Getting Samples to Others

This arrangement is convenient and perfect for me, but how can I get my soaps, in a reasonable way, to those who might want to purchase my soaps?

At first I began cutting up full size bars that were already planed, cleaned and labeled into sample sizes. This seemed reasonable, but it was killing me to cut the fully cured bars.

For those who read my blog or see my posts know I make embeds. I make many, many soap balls. I flattened a ball. That spurred another idea. I’ve been wanting to use a wax seal in my marketing but I just couldn’t figure it out. I had this thought over a year ago, and it has hovered since then.

I chose a Raven. Its in my logo and I like consistency, so I use some symbols, fonts and colors over and over. I want someone to see my designs and say, “Hey, that’s Sorcery Soap!”

I settled on a metal stamp I found on Etsy from China. I didn’t know it was coming from China at first, but when it didn’t show up in an expected time, I figured it out.

In my research I discovered Martha Sterwart’s website through a back door. I would never search “weddings” so for me to stumble on to this site is a absolute miracle.

A bit more research I found a website for the tins. I chose the clear window tins to put the vellum paper inside for a label. The back label is on its way from Evermine. These will be for the back, so my soap information and ingredients will be attached to the tin. I like that idea and it pre-empts some packaging for shipping.

Bridging the Gap

So now, no matter what soap I make, I’ll make at least 1/2 pound extra to make soap samples for the Sorcery Soap Medallions. Its all built in! I love rolling and stamping soap. Its a repetitive behavior that keeps my hands busy and allows me to day dream. Soap Sample Medallions

What I Didn’t See

The interesting thing that arose that I didn’t foresee was this whole other product. Even if someone doesn’t want to sample, or that’s not their reason for purchasing these Soap Medallions, it makes an awesome gift. I’ve always had a hard time picking out scents for people, and generally, gave up and walked away. So no matter how much I wanted to buy handmade soap as a gift I couldn’t decide on a scent for that person. Now, I can give them a box of scents and there is very little waste, if any.

Here’s the really cool thing… Well, what I think is cool. Other soap makers can make Soap Medallions and each stamp will be different and so will their scents. Built in-non-duplicaiton, but still sharing!

Now, I have that settled, making Sorcery Soap Sample Medallions. For now.

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