Bunny Heaven Soap

Sorcery Soaps Release

Sorcery Soap Release has many surprises.

Before I get to the soaps, if you are a follower of Instagram and post your soap dough creations on there please use the hashtag #sorcerycreations and or #soapdough and we can all quickly see what everyone is up to in this magical soap world. 


Tea Party Soap

#1 Tea Party 

Tea Party soap has hand molded soap tea cup and teapot on top. Scent: Black Tea, with orange undertones.

Lock and Key Soap

#2 Lock and Key

This bright white soap has a soap key embedded   through the length of this entire soap. On top is embellishment of molded  ornate lock and key dusted in luster mica dust.  

#3 Tangled SoapTangled Soap

Another bright white soap that is unscented. The contrast of the vibrantly colored molded flowers on top is reminiscent of the delights of spring time. 


#4 Bunny Heaven 

This is the heaven of bunnies, surrounded by an abundance of carrots, even a brightly colored carrot embed along the inside of each bar of soap and a carrot top that sprouted through the top. Each little bunny has his own character, highly detailed and holding his own carrot. Bunny Heaven Soap

These soaps are scented with my new favorite fragrance from Nurture Soap, Nirvana. 

#5 Novel Soap

These soaps have detailed designed books on top, a green and a pink book with gold embellishments. Inside is are brightly colored swirls of vivid green and pink. Scented with New Beginnings from Nurture soap.  

Novel Soap

Artemis Soap#6 Artemis Delights

Artemis delights in strawberries! Strawberries are a fruit of passion and the supernatural delights of the gods! There are some things that remind us there are many gifts in this life, and strawberries are one of them. Each large bar of soap has a  strawberry shortcake on top. Scented with Artemis from Nurture Soap. 

These soaps will be released on May 25, 2018 at 7:00 AM AZ. 




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