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New Soap Recipe Book of Light & Shadow

New Soap Book!

“A Soap Recipe Book of Light & Shadow” 

I have written a book to answer questions “An Enchanted Book of Peculiar Ideas and Soap Potions”  about soap molding and soap dough.

This process was so delightful I am working on a new book.

This next book is customizable to you can make it your own! 

  1. My secret soap recipes for hard bars and soap dough
  2. Flow sheets to keep you on task
  3. Note sheets with thoughtful prompts
  4. Butter and oil property charts
  5. Note cards for labeling soap as they cure
  6. And much more…

In this Enchanted book I share techniques and practices how to get inspired and stay inspired, soap dough recipes and insights about the soap dough molding process.


This new book is an complete recipe soap book. Any of the 20 recipes can be used successfully for soap dough, oil/butter charts, detailed note sheets, flow sheets and many more to keep you and your soaps organized. You can add to this book and make it your own. 

“A Soap Recipe Book of Light & Shadow”

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