Not Afraid to Toss Soap Out

Not Afraid to Toss Soap Out

I toss soap regularly. I throw soap out without regret. Its one of my secrets.

I try a ton of things, every day, new stuff with soap. If all else fails, I can always toss the soap out, if its a total loss. If I hold on to salvaging every soap I become slightly desperate. I push forward, don’t toss soap without consideration, but I am not afraid to throw it out. Its a simple fear to over come. And it certainly is not real danger.

I think about it this way – each new thing I do adds to my over all education, an opportunity to learn something I had not anticipated. If I harbor fear of failing, fear of tossing out a batch of soap, it keeps me from being daring, trying new things. Spring Soap cookies

I read, or heard, some where that it takes 10,000 hours to master something. I don’t necessarily believe that, but its a good guideline. I’m about halfway to that 10,000 hours. So that gives me more permission to make mistakes, acquire more information, and study soap. I think I might not ever be a master, a true master, where my very nature has changed because of my art, but I can strive towards that end.

I also like the idea of the daily work of becoming… Wiser, better at anything, takes a “chopping wood, carrying water” attitude. The dishes have to be washed. I can resent the dishes or get on board and just do them, so I can get on to the next thing, the next insight, the next day of “chopping wood, carrying water”. Everyone has to wash dishes, its HOW I do those things.

My question, the one I ask, “can I do it with grace?”

Today, I had an argument with my love-mate. It was silly. I was NOT graceful. Everyone has arguments. Some people make the argument bigger, or smaller than they have to be, but I was graceless.

I have no idea if we’ve had 10,000 hours of arguing, but I doubt it. Not sure if that’s good or bad, all I know is my horse ran away.

We still love each other and mended our issue quickly even in the middle of both us trying to be heard and hear the other. It was a good reminder, that the next time I can offer some grace. Because there will be a next time, just like there will be a next time to wash dishes. Elegant Gold Glitter Soap Cookies

So, with that tangent, I push forward, try things with soap, make mistakes and learn. Always learn, and move forward to greater, and greater insight. I can offer more grace to soap making, to my life and to how I am in this world.

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