Pink Soap

Pink Soap

Lemongrass Essential Oil

Interesting pink soap, and its still teaching me things.

This soap will be ready in about a month, and for now I don’t want to forget what I’ve learned.


neon pink soap


I used Lard, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Shea butter, Cocoa butter, silk and coconut milk in this pink soap. Milk, soap and I don’t do well. I’ve not made a soap that I felt happy with so far adding milk. I’ll get the hang of it, if I ever do it again!

This soap will do what its intend for, and I take comfort in that, and still clean. Not only will it clean, based on the ingredients it’ll clean without over drying skin.

And Silk! There is silk in this soap too…

Colors and Scent

I used neon pink colorant, black oxide, titanium dioxide and bright orange. I scented it with Lemongrass essential oil and I suspect between that and the coconut milk, it heated up.

pink lemongrass soapMy temperatures, lye and oils, were about 85 degrees fahrenheit. I left off 1/3 of the required water to mix in powdered coconut milk. As I added the lye I mixed it in and immediately added the separated water and coconut milk. This soap was a good pudding consistency and began to thicken toward the end.

What I find interesting about this soap is the gel circle in the center. I made this last night at about 9 pm. Put it in the freezer and left it there until I took it out before I went to bed, about 2 AM.  I’m truly surprised it gelled.

This morning, it was still warm. I put it in the freeze for about an hour and when I unmolded it was still warm on the bottom.

Odd. No matter, it’ll do what I intended and I’m excited to use it. I can hardly wait until its cured!


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