Soap My Own Path

Soap My Own Path

Soap My Own Path 

There is more than one way to soap, there is more than one way to create a soap business.

I have tossed out every idea of supposed-to’s and should’s for my little soap works. I’ve read many blog posts thick with words of advice on how to run a business that makes soap.

I’m done with that. I’m done with living my life according to someone else’s schematic.

I’m also done with giving advice.

I have a vision for my business, for my soaps, that no one else has. In the same way I have a vision of each soap. I haven’t seen the soap before, yet I can see the soap in my mind’s eye.

Each soap is an unusual size that makes for difficult packaging, and yet I persist. 

Each soap I make presents new labeling issues, and yet I persist.

Each soap I make means new product descriptions and ad copy, and yet I persist.

Each soap I make requires new photography, and yet I persist.

Why? I ask this often.

I’ve had too many jobs that required repetition and put my creativity to sleep. Jobs that required me to keep my mouth shut to the lack of integrity, and when I did speak up, suffered consequences, shaming and firing. I’ve had jobs that required me to put my mind to sleep and “just do my job.”

It took years to fully wake from that nightmare.

Now, I will not allow myself to fall asleep again. If that means I must stay on my toes every step of the way to nurture my own creativity, then I will. I will deal with the packaging, labeling and all the other areas that require me to think outside the box. Where can I turn for guidance? Few places offer true vision, but give advice steeped in rules about how to follow the rules, do what they did and you will be guaranteed some success, either overtly stated or implied. Is there truth in this?

One idea behind a “good” business model is to be able to teach someone else to do your work, in other words, replace yourself. Streamline the work to mass replicate and therefore increase profit margins.

I have considered this aspect. And yet, I persist in making soap my way. No one in my company will disparage me for not working hard enough, for lack of creativity, for speaking my truth. I will never be fired. I am not replaceable. Every day I love my work. I enjoy what I’m doing so much it keeps me up at night thinking about new ideas. This is the level of passion I want to live with.

My little soaping works requires the one element no one else has… Me, and my type of tenacity and creativity.

For that, I am truly and abundantly grateful.


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