Soap Sisterhood

What are we creating? More than soap. What are we consciously or unconsciously creating?

Rainbow Rosemary Sorcery Soap
Rainbow Rosemary Sorcery Soap

What thoughts go through your mind when you make soap?

When you see another’s beautiful soaps? What do you think when one of your soap sisters received praise and abundant attention?

This intimate behavior, these feelings, can be altered in any direction. We can support those worthy of support and honor ourselves along with each other – all through soap. We can unite in a soap sisterhood.

We each have a unique quality, a view of the world that is distinctly ours. We can support each other without any loss, but much to gain. This was my idea when writing my first book. I wanted not so much to tell you exactly what to do, but HOW to approach the world of creativity, to ignite your own unique creativity. This is greatest gift I can offer, a way to find your OWN creativity, to support you on your own path. Not a version of my path.

There is no changing the world. That very idea is so large no one human can take it on. We can change ourselves.

Remember when you woke up on Monday and your pants were tighter, you said to yourself, “I’m never eating that again?” And then you did eat it again. That behavior easily corrected, but difficult to change. If we struggle to change ourselves, how can we change another human with words?

Each time you offer words of encouragement, sincere support or even offer praise to another soap maker, you alter our environment. Each time you set a standard and act on your honor code, you create more good than harm. Even if the way is unclear, striving, having the intention to create more good than harm, of all our choices, seems like a reasonable guideline.

Your lack of support can be equally powerful – on so many levels. Use this power, this magic, wisely. Remember, when reading negative or out-right hateful comments (hate is the tool that person is using to get attention) they will feed on any attention, so no matter what you comment or offer it only feeds that person. Feeding those who are balanced, honestly sharing and encouraging others, is more powerful than trying to change another’s mind and therefore their behaviors. Remember how hard it was to NOT eat that which did not serve you? Withdrawing your attention is a powerful tool at your disposal.

Together, by acting with a standard, not debasing your honor by engaging with those who are decisive and argumentative, even when they need correction; by supporting your soap sisters on their path, by showing kindness above all, will create a Soap Sisterhood that is unbreakable and bond with others you can count on long into the future.

Note: I am not striving to eliminate men from this post, however, the majority of soapers are women, that is statistically based, and we must start some where. The idea of a Soap Sisterhood appeals to me, and with honor in my heart I offer these ideas. 

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