Sorcery Products ™ are HERE!

Sorcery Products ™ are HERE! Sorcery Products Flower Cookie CutterSorcery Products Flower Cookie Cutter

Months ago when I was asked repeatedly how I make Sorcery Soaps with stars, hearts and other embeds, I pointed people to some fondant tools I purchased.

I discovered that the prices from over seas were great, but the shipping times were ridiculous. I waited a month to get a small set of plungers and then discovered I wanted more, so I waited another month.

After a year of waiting, we decided to import these ourselves. Sorcery Products Flower Fondant Plunger SetSorcery Products TM (15 Sets / 60 pcs)Fondant Heart Flower Cake Sugarcraft Cookie Mould Icing Plunger Cutter Tool Decorating Kit

With much effort we are providing a Brand New 60 Piece, 15 Set Cake, Fondant and Molding Kit along with individual smaller sets. Any of these can be order individually or as one large set… And the best part, you’ll receive your order in a few days, NOT a MONTH!

Good luck in your new FABULOUS creations!

Many Sorcery Soap™ how-to’s and videos to help you along.

  • 3 pc Butterfly plunger set Sorcery Products Heart Fondant Plunger Set
  • 4 pc Small Flower Plunger set 
  • 3 pc Small Heart Plunger set 
  • 3 pc Leaf Detailed Plunger set 
  • 3 pc Large Blossom Flower Plunger set 
  • 3 pc Tribal Flower Plunger set 
  • 3 pc Star Plunger Set 
  • 4 pc Small Blossom Flower Plunger set 
  • 3 pc Star Cutter Set  
  • 3 pc Snowflake Cutter set 
  • 4 pc Flower cutter set 
  • 1 Rolling Pin 
  • 1 Smoother 
  • 14 pc 5” Sculpting Hand Tool set 
  • 8 pc 6.5” Sculpting Hand Tool set Sorcery Products Blossom Flower Fondant PlungersSorcery Products Butterfly Fondant PlungersSorcery Soap Star Fondant Plunger SetSorcery Products Star Cookie CutterSorcery Products Leaf Fondant Plunger SetSorcery Products Blossom Fondant Plunger Set

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