Sorcery Soap Turns Into Hocus Pocus

Sorcery Soap Turns Into Hocus Pocus

The world, society, is changing... We are in the middle of this chaos. It's been coming for a long while.

Witch Mouse Pad

Some of us have witnessed calmer seas, but this is not that.


Artists seem to be the carny in the coal mine. I place myself in this category. I’m a sensitive. I feel things before they happen. The pressure has been great and astrologically, this is also evident.


Instead of resisting this adaption, like most artists, I move with the energy. My caveat is, “is this in alignment with my greatest self?” I’m reading the signs, checking my tea leaves and casting my runes to gain insight. All signs point in this direction.

Magpie Print Hocus Pocus 

I have been making and sharing soap dough creations for 8 years or more. As those who study astrology know, some things are in 8 year cycles. Maybe, this is my cycle.


I have been working in the digital world for 33 years. (Yup, I’m that old.) After writing books, creating digital art and offering only soap products I’m now moving into a new realm. The world of Hocus Pocus.


I’d like to hear from you, as many of you are workers (doers) and always have a side hustle. What do you have your eye on? What is your next project?


For the last few months I’ve been struggling with my level of inspiration. It was flat and all I did was forced. Dedication isn’t always about the glorious inspiration. My work has turned into chores. Everything has been a struggle. Having experienced delight in my soap making works (even making videos was tolerable, albeit work I resisted) I understand not all days are full of the sparkling fairies of inspiration. The evidence of this is I have written and created over 700 blog posts and videos, written / created 5 soap books and thousands of still images.

 Hocus Pocus Candle

So, dedication isn’t an issue for me. With that said, I understand that my new adventures might not be for everyone. I’m consciously adding products that I enjoy creating from years of works I find enjoyable.


I’ve begun to add some of these works to my environment and the weirdest thing has happened. My inspiration returned! My joy for getting up and working has appeared, softly at first and now with full steam ahead.


This began with greeting cards, and now has grown into a line of Hocus Pocus products that enchant me.


I’m good at creating beauty out of seemingly nothing. I’ve taken my product boxes and painted watercolor designs on them to make them more than what first appeared. Something delightful to keep.


Now, I’m putting artwork on products that are lovely to having in my home: a desktop mat with beautiful sunflower, mouse pad with a delightful cat sitting in a sunny corner, a print of racing magpies, a mysterious witch on a soft blanket…

 Pensive Horse Print

It is my hope you come along on this journey with me while I curate and explore creating more sorcery in the new Hocus Pocus way with another version of crafting.


Thank you, each one, who have traveled with road with me so far. I hope that is new endeavor attracts more and more magical people and we grow into something so enchanting none of us could have imagined.


Blessings, Bee

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May you find magic in everything you see that inspires you and everything you create.
Blessed be!

Debra Sturdevant

I am new to making soap and I am embracing the journey. Society has changed and even amid the chaos I have faith. I am thrilled to have found your beautiful art. I love your talents. Thank you for sharing and giving your knowledge. I also am enjoying a digital book I bought. My next step is to make a soap dough.


I love it!


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