Update on what I’ve been up to:

Working more. This is great! I’m connecting with women I’d not otherwise know through work. We discuss sugaring, while I hold space for their bodies and their pain. Its a great exercise in distraction for me and them. Distracting them from their pain, in the present and in their lives.

I’ve been soaping for the last two months. Made tons, about 35 batches. Hundreds of bars of soap. I made individual ones for a wedding present which I felt was thoughtful and heart felt. A solid mini dogfoundation of handmade soaps to start life with. I’ve given a ton away. My first sale was to my ex-husband, which was some how healing and lovely. I have excellent feedback on my soaps, which I also have given out to my clients. I’m practicing and apprenticing this craft. I’m learning so much every day. I spend my days, when not working, reading about soap, writing about soap and therefore skin care, making soap, planning a soap or shopping/ordering materials I’ll need for future soap. I’ve also been working on my website, putting soap in different places so they find their homes. Its such a temporary art-craft that I find it comforting. No matter what, like it or not, it won’t last long. I’m enjoying the moment, every moment, I have with each bar. I’m also learning about scents. This next batch I’m going to use apricot kernel oil, cocoa butter and mix scents. After that, possibly, essential oils. Woo hoo! Crazy soaping over here.

Been selling t-shirts too. Which is a wonderful surprise. I spent the last two days creating new shirts, totes and other materials for connection. Just stuff. I love sitting in front of the computer some times instead of the kinetic energy I usually have, moving constantly.

My life feels more stable now… Finally. I’m happy, mostly, or at least feeling purpose driven, which is ideal for me. I’m studying a variety of materials about alternative thinking people, like alternative histories, what compromises a real human, and how to live on the far edge of the bell curve.

And… I visit the ducks for a walk and to clear my head for new ideas daily, if my schedule allows. I’ve seen a blue heron, a white crane, and some interesting birds that dive for fish. Not to mention the elusive turtles and the hive-minded ducks.

All is well here, mostly. How’s it with you?

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