Why The Magic of Soap Dough Book is Important

Why The Magic of Soap Dough Book is Important

Why The Magic of Soap Dough Book is Important

There are many reasons I make soap the Sorcery way, but one of the most important is because I want others to have a moment of delight.

Each soap I make has the end user in mind, you. Will you smile with you see a Popcorn Soap? Will it make you chuckle that it really does smell like buttered popcorn? Will your curiosity be sparked when you see that the popcorn on top is made from hand crafted soap? 

Will you wonder at how it was created?

How does one create joy for another? This is real Sorcery… Real magic. It is a mysterious moment when a creation so simple as soap can bring about joy in another. 

The next question you might ask yourself, 'how do I create my own unique form of Soap Sorcery?' 

I know you’ve suspected it all along. I'm here to give you the answer... It comes from inside of you. 

Bring something forth that has never, not once, existed in this world. A soap creation that is solely from your own mind, manifest through your education and skill, into being. Witness the dreams and inspirations you have not shared before. Allow for play, not constructed play, but genuine play, as if you are the only one at the park. No one is watching. 

How about being so free that your art is allowed to dissolve? Most artists want their work to live on long after they have expired. To be free enough to communicate through your art that you know all of this world is temporary and still share a moment of joy? Can you do that for yourself?

Are you curious how to create these types of soaps? Are you a little curious about The Magic of Soap Dough Book? Sign up for the newsletter and you'll get the book release announcement.  This book is over 100 pages!

In a few short weeks this book will be available, with 24 Mica Recipes, step-by-steps to work with Soap Dough and 3 Soap Dough Recipes. You also might want to order your micas now, so you can jump into your Soap Lab and begin mixing like a Soap Witch. 

If there is a color of soap dough you want, now is the time to order... Before the book release so you can practice along with this book. 

Get a head start! There is so much happening, I'm dreaming it, and I can't keep up. More books in the next 12 months, more soap dough creations and more Sorcery Soap! 



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Looking forward to the new book 😁

Margaret JOANNE

I have your other books and I love them. I can’t wait for this one to come out! 🤗


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