Interview with Gypsy Fae Creations

Interview with Gypsy Fae Creations

 There are some soaps that pop up on Instagram that stop me in my tracks. It took time to discover who the magic was behind the soap creations. To save you time and to share with you this delightful and talented soap maker with you... Gypsy Fae  - Tierra Hayes - agreed to our Sorcery Soaper Interview series. 

Thank you so much, Gypsy Fae, Tierra! 

1. What prompted your interest in soap making? Gypsy Fae Creations

Years ago my mother gifted me a few bars of handmade soap as souvenirs from a California trip she took. I had never used handmade bars before and at the time, I was a shower gel snob. I was surprised when I flipped it over to read the ingredients, that bar soap was mostly made of just oils. I’ve always had a habit for asking myself “could I make this?” I started with jewelry, sewing, baking, bath bombs, painting, gardening and eventually landed in soap. 


2. Did you have knowledge of soap making before you began? 

None. I bought The Natural Soap Chef book in 2013 and tried a few recipes. It took me years of random batches to figure out how fun it could be. Gypsy Fae Creations


3. How did you arrive at the name of your business?

Oh, goodness. I often times wish I would’ve changed it before I got this far, but I didn’t know I’d ever be this invested. I love all things fantasy and fae (fairy) and my husband  uses “Fae” as a nickname for me. When combined with my first name it can translate to Earth Fairy. I’m a real life dork, but knew I wanted that in there. “Creations” would encompass anything I could imagine and make. Brainstorming with my husband from the other room he yelled out a few words and one being Gypsy (in the bohemian sense). I’ve always been a lover of travel, nature and using my hands to express myself. All of this craziness came together as Gypsyfae Creations. I thought it had a nice ring to it. 


4. What makes you happy to get out of bed regarding soap making? 

Doing what I love and finally getting an idea out of my head and into something real. Not everyone is lucky to find their passion and be able to do it. 


5. What is your favorite way to connect with other soap makers?

I find the soap community to be full of the nicest people. I’m all about supporting as many as I can with any knowledge I can share or simply leaving a nice comment. The soap community grows every day and I try to keep up on Instagram or YouTube. Occasionally, I’ll splurge and purchase another’s work. Of course the biggest way is through having a YouTube channel. Though there, I’ve been able to connect with so many incredible people that mean so much to me. 


6. How do you design your soaps? Do you choose scent first or colors or… ? . Once I’ve got a design, I typically go for a matching fragrance and finally I dig through my drawers of micas picking what matches my envisioned soap. 


7. Where do you find your inspiration for your soaps? 

Inspiration can come out of anywhere. It could be a season, favorite food, book, vacation, ingredient, piece of art or movie. A lot of times when I hit a creativity-wall I ask friends and coworkers to send ideas. Subscribers are known to send requests, too. I also love to get on soap supply websites and go through their lists of fragrances and see what screams out to me. I’m all over the place and I’m always challenging myself to try something new.


8. Are there things in your environment that aid in your creativity? Gypsy Fae Creations

I surround myself with all my interests and I think I live and breath soap. I love spending time in my soap room even when I’m not making any. My husband is a big help and support, too. He gets to hear all about what I’m doing and makes it easy for me to keep going. Now to get him to build a real website for me. 


9. What is your favorite part of soap making? 

All of it except the dishes. I’m obsessed with smells. So picking scents is fun. I used to work at a drugstore in the cosmetic section. You bet I would smell every bottle of lotion, shampoo, and perfume I put away. I love the science of mixing everything and the magic that happens when it comes together to form not only soap, but art. Even sharing it, it has been known to brighten someone’s day. 


10. What do you do that is not soap related, but aids in your creative thinking? 

Read. I may even take my books too seriously. Young adult and fantasy are my favorites. I collect signed editions, hardcovers, limited editions and all the bookish merchandise that goes with it. 


11. What soaps, fragrances oils, colorants etc. have you created or used that surprised you? 

That one time I tried to pipe flowers with soap. I’m no good at it, but the end result was still pretty amazing. I was surprised it turned out to be my favorite of that month’s collection. 


12. What soaps have you made that got a reaction from others you did not expect? Gypsy Fae Creations

An example of a good reaction I guess. I did a Golden Snitch soap (one of many Harry Potter Inspired bars I’ve done) that literally flew off the shelf. I was happy about that, but it’s time intensive to make and how fragile it was made it a nightmare to pack/ship. Eventually I’ll bring myself to make another batch. 


13. What makes you laugh about making soap?

Myself. Soap making.... It’s all I think about. When I see someone I know that hasn’t seen the latest soap I’ve done. “Wanna see the soap I made?” *Pulls up a million pictures on the phone and bores you* I sometimes ask if it’s possible to love a bar soap. If I pick it up and keep admiring and sniffing it, whispering “my precious” that’s how I know. 


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