Can't Always Believe

Can't Always Believe

Can't Always Believe What You See

As I walked across the post office parking lot, I saw an old woman tentatively navigating her trajectory. Her skin was saggy and wrinkled over her very tiny frame, most of it had been revealed and had been exposed repeatedly to the sun. Atop her head was a beautifully coiffed head of white hair. She glowed in a peach colored light. 

As she approached the curb I had the distinct desire to offer my arm, she seemed smaller than the curb. The very second thought was to avoid offense. I continued toward the door, while someone else offered her aid.

Being loaded with packages I pushed my way into the building, dropped my packages and returned. I pushed through the door, Peach Lady was there and said, "Please, let me. I want to be the gentleman." All this with a smile that penetrated my heart. I smiled and could feel tears burn my eyes. I allowed her to hold the door. I said thank you wanting my gratitude to permeate my words, to penetrate her luminosity and share with her, gift her back.

I wanted to know her. 

It has been two days and I'm still thinking of the Peach Lady.

I see her on the extreme end of the spectrum of good and evil. She is the embodiment of blessing. My delightful, smiling tiny little Peach Lady brought profound joy and regret into my heart. This reminder also made it clear that there are many I pass who are on the other end of the spectrum, pure evil. I was delighted that I experienced this delightful woman's energy which infused my days.

Life is balance, but then not. Some adaptable, constantly changing bubble fluid morphic process. Life as many things in it - regret, dignity, graciousness, entitlement - is a mixed bag. When I reach in, it is random and a choice what I pull out. It is my choice what I allow to penetrate my awareness. 

I could not believe my eyes when I perceived this woman to be feeble. Although she had difficulty navigating her physical world she was agile and dexterous in the world of graciousness. 


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Lovely post – thank you for sharing. The world is truly ready to offer us what we need and what we seek should we only open our eyes and souls.


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