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Sorcery Soaps™

Carnival Grapefruit + Mint

Carnival Grapefruit + Mint

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Carnival Grapefruit + Mint Soap


Dive into a world of vibrant enchantment with Sorcery Soap's newest creation – a cold process handcrafted soap adorned with vivid red, orange, pink stripes, and a touch of purple! 🌈✨ Immerse yourself in the visually stunning display, where each stripe is meticulously crafted by the magical hands of Sorcery Soap.

This soap isn't just a cleansing agent; it's a masterpiece! The vivid colors are blended with precision, creating a visual delight that makes every bar unique. But there's more to this soap than its appearance. The ends are molded to resemble the spine of a book, accompanied by a charming bookmark made from soap dough – a testament to Sorcery Soap's commitment to the artistry of soap making. 📚🌟

What makes hand made cold process soap special? It's the fusion of art and science. Sorcery Soap elevates soap-making to an art form, ensuring each bar is not only visually stunning but also a sensory experience. And the magic doesn't stop there – this soap is scented with the invigorating blend of Grapefruit plus Mint, a refreshing and vibrant fragrance that awakens the senses. 🍊🍃

Elevate your bathing ritual with Sorcery Soap, where innovation, creativity, and the magic of handmade soap converge! 🛁💖 Tag your friends who appreciate the art and magic of soap. #SorcerySoap #HandmadeSoap #ColdProcessArtistry #ScentedSoapMagic 🌟



Real Soap – not detergent! 

* A new scent in the bath
* Delightfully designed soap for doing a daily task

  • Phthalate Free
  • Preservative Free
  • SLS Free
  • Detergent Free


Soap, meant for cleaning skin surface. No claims, except for the by-product of (possible) delight, are made about these soaps. 

Ingredients: Craftiness, Lard Glyceride, Cocos Nucifera Oil (Coconut Oil), Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter), Olea Europaea (Olive Oil), Ricinus Communis (Castor Oil), Theobroma Cocoa (Cocoa Butter), sodium hydroxide, Aqua, fragrance oils, colorants, colorant and raw silk.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Connie Smith
"HOW DO I LOVE THE", Grapefruit Mint Soap

Hello Again Bee, Let me count the ways: I love the way you package and mail it with the speed of a soaring bird. I LOVE the scent and beauty of the swirls and perfect flower on top. I love it so much further by cutting it in half so I may enjoy the flower and scent longer. I am an old lady Soap maker and really know what went into your heart and your creative soul. I am in awe of everything you create.

Connie, my dear,
Thank you truly for your review. Your kind words helped to create a more lovely world for me. What a gift in return. I'm so happy you are enjoying the super-natural world of soap sorcery I managed to bring forth. ;)
Manty blessings, Bee

Absouletly Delightful

The Carnival Grapefruit + Mint soaps are a visual and olfactory delight. I bought 3 bars, 2 for gifts and 1 for myself.