Best Micas Best Suppliers

Best Micas Best Suppliers

As a detail minded creative, every single ingredient of my work has been tested over and over. I abhor poorly sourced ingredients, one that preforms poorly, doesn't produce as advertised or desired results.

I look for reliable products, sourced from a thoughtfully minded suppler. I can feel it when a company doesn't care about their customers and that reflects in their sourcing as well, consistency of ingredients - worse yet, dreadful shipping. Dreadful shipping could be ridiculously slow shipping, damaged ingredients or incorrect product and poor customer service when striving to correct the mistake. There is always room for forgiveness if the supplier strives to correct the error. 

There is a trade, one of which that builds relationships, thoughtful educational information and fairly priced products. The suppliers I choose also cares if you get your order quickly. As quickly as life will allow. I also follow all these ideas in my offerings. I strive to give back more than I get, so the trade will always feel attractive. It is a lot of work, but this is not an environment for those who don't want to work. All good crafts people work at their craft, be it creation or supplying. 

This is why my list of suppliers is small. Early on I got on board with some suppliers that acted as if they would be loyal to me. That loyalty was only as long I as worked hard to promote them, gave them my ideas. I learned the hard way. When it came down to honor and integrity, they fell apart. 

These illusive qualities might seem insignificant, however, integrity is a sign of a life well-lived.

"How we do one thing, is how we do all things." 

- Buddhist saying


Truth based on facts is my bottom line. 

I choose micas for saturated colors that do not morph, offer bright and true colors. Also, micas that are sourced from educated suppliers. This is my list. 

Nurture Soap - Nurture micas are outstanding. Repeatable results that come true every time. I'm just beginning to explore Nurture's complex fragrance oils, and am fascinated so far. Nurture also offers bio-degradable soap glitter, and seems to be ahead of the curve. Their product line is catered toward soap makers by offering substantial soap molds, which I have and love. 

TKB Trading - The only reason I shop at TKB Trading is because they offer some mica colors that Nurture doesn't. I understand why, these micas I use for dusting and these micas also don't produce amazing colors in cold process soap, which TKP Trading shows. TKB Trading offers their products to make-up makers and soap makers whereas Nurture Soap focuses on what soap makers need and want. 

Bramble Berry - Bramble Berry has been great to me by putting me on their list for samples and always treating me kindly. I love experimenting with Bramble Berry fragrance oils because those they send I might not have purchased. The holiday fragrance oil collection and spring collection were my two favorites. Anne Marie CEO of Bramble Berry also has Soap Queen TV where my interest in soap making began to flourish. I found it amazing while everyone else was charging for things to learn about soap, Anne Marie offered her informative instructional videos for free. 

I have a longer list for fragrance oils, but these are my favorite suppliers and a place to start.

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Thank you for sharing your experience and thoughts. It is very intersting. Did you ever try From Nature with love fragrances? It seems they make an effort to formulate without too many junk molecules… I was looking for opinions just as I received the email mentioning your post! Valerie


Thank u for your honest review.
It does truly help


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